Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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They do have Democratic opponents


I am a huge Cityview fan (going all the way back to the days when it was the Skywalker!) and I especially look forward each week to reading Civic Skinny. Just wanted to clarify that both Bill Northey (Secretary of Agriculture) and Mary Mosiman (State Auditor) DO indeed have Democratic opponents. Sherrie Taha is running against Mr. Northey, and I am running against Ms. Mosiman.

Jonathan Neiderbach
–Des Moines



I wonder if it ever occurred to Joni that running a commercial about castrating hogs could have been taken to mean going after the male chauvinist pigs, who are so prevalent in the GOP? Who else would “Squeal?” She is not ready for “prime time.”

Mark Challis
–West Des Moines


CNA - Stop HIV Iowa (Sept)

No war without care

Duffy’s View (June 5) shocks us with the flag-draped fresh grave of an American veteran who died waiting for health services. Will this latest VA scandal finally move us to commit the essential resources to our veterans? Recall, in 2007, Bush’s VA scandal of wounded veterans living in rat- and cockroach-infested housing at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Following Bush’s VA scandal, he appointed a commission to investigate.

Obama came to office committed to increase VA spending to cover the huge influx of veterans coming home as a result of Bush’s two wars. Spending has increased under Obama, and most veterans report excellent care once they get into the system. But clearly it’s overburdened with the huge numbers of vets trying to get in.  

However, Republicans with a short memory and more interest in campaigning on spending cuts than veterans’ care, filibustered and blocked a Democrat-sponsored, $20 billion VA funding bill in February. That bill would have built 26 new VA facilities needed to handle the huge number of returning vets from the Bush wars.

Can we all agree to never again send Americans to war unless we’re totally committed to fund their care when they come home?

Rick Smith


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