Saturday, August 20, 2022

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Jacobs’ is a shoe-in


Doug Burns, Iowa newspaperman, asks in your Cityview issue of Dec. 19-25 “Will Jacobs’ Texas shoe fit Iowa?” Answer — most certainly! His wardrobe has multiple Iowa shoes (that’s plural) that fit perfectly for his “running” for the race of U.S. Senator.

We have been broadcasting for years with requests that former Iowans bring their time and talents back to the state to enrich it — now and into the future. Who better than a family man, untainted politically but who has dealt in the corporate world successfully?

Put on your shoes and join his race!

Howard Hammond


Latham should go out like a lion

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

The Dec. 21 cover featured Congressman King and the accompanying article rightly detailed his bomb-thrower tactics that fire up his conservative base. However, his lack of success at any meaningful legislation positions him as merely a distraction and potential embarrassment to moderate elements of the party.

The surprise retirement of Congressman Latham may potentially be the real political story of the year. He has made it clear he was frustrated with the sharp divisions in his own party, and now he is free to serve out his term without undue reelection pressure from either a primary or general election challenge.

Will Congressman Latham, now freed from the politics of division, serve out his final year by leading his party out of the wilderness by seriously seeking compromise to pass meaningful legislation? He has voiced support for finding compromise on immigration reform, a grand bargain on entitlements and tax reform. He can certainly play a pivotal role in reauthorizing the Farm Bill and pushing the wind energy tax credit as well.

He can let the GOP candidates running to replace him move as far to the right as they need to in order to get the nomination. Meanwhile, he can remain above the fray and act as a statesman by actually legislating with moderate Republicans and Democrats.

Speaker Boehner has pivoted to the middle in accepting the recent compromise budget deal and offers hope he will continue on this path. If Boehner keeps that door of dialogue with Democrats open, it provides Latham the opportunity to serve out his final year contributing to meaningful legislation benefiting Iowans. Let’s hope Congressman Latham is interested in actually ending his career with a list of positive legislative accomplishments rather than just wasting it mired in gridlock.

Rick Smith


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