Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Making me believe again


Thank you for your article, “Santa’s Secrets” (Dec. 12). The commercial versions of Santa have, lately, made me hate all things Santa. I especially cringe when I see television commercials of Santa shopping at a Big Box store or, in any way, portrayed as “purchasing” his gifts. It made me cynical of Santa and made me turn away from any image of Santa. For whatever reason, I picked up the Cityview with Santa on the cover and read the article. It changed my view and filled me with hope. The article tenderly portrayed Santa (and the men) as full of humor, dedicated and compassionate. I was reminded that this is the real Santa, and I believe once more.

Marie Harms
–West Des Moines


Shame on Farm Bureau

To be against this particular, recent, post-WWII, soil-losing, nutrient-polluting, flood enhancing, hydrologically short-circuiting, human health-harming, petro/chemical/industrial, CAFO, Green Revolution, row crop model of agriculture is not to be against agriculture.

To tell generations of Iowans who have lived and worked on farms that they just don’t understand agriculture is arrogant. To call people who speak about this extremely important issue “anti-ag environmental zealots” is ignorant and smacks of right wing politics.

To lobby for the Renewable Fuels Standard without ever mentioning the massive pollution and soil erosion that accompanies those millions of acres of corn is unconscionable.

The Farm Bureau and its keynote speakers should be ashamed of themselves.

Argue the facts.

Bob Watson


Play Mate knows his stuff

Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for bringing in John Domini to write your Center Stage column for Cityview. As someone who has both known John personally for many years and has worked as a theater artist for the last 15, I can say with confidence that he will provide both thoughtful and insightful dialogue to this under-served leg of the theater-going community. He may even prove to be THE go-to critic for those local theater-goers who know better.

John Earl Robinson
–Des Moines


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