Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Register’s pandering to youth is ‘desperate’ and ‘laughable’


Take a look at the farmers’ market photos on The Des Moines Register’s website. Like photo coverage of all other local events on the Register’s website, you get the impression the farmers’ market is attended mainly by 20-somethings. I actually did the math, and of the 73 people whose ages are listed in that little slide show, the average age is 26.

Have you ever been to the farmers’ market? I’m guessing the average age of attendees is closer to 62 than to 26. When do you suppose the Register is going to give up its laughable editorial policy of skewing all photo coverage toward 20-somethings? Are they so desperate for that demographic that they think pandering to them via photos is the only way to drive traffic to its website? Just curious.

Phil Walsh
–Des Moines


Does ‘gut-busting’ mean good eats at Elmo’s?

Just saw your article on Snus Hill (Belly Up, May 2). Kitten (wine) is my favorite. Had to laugh about the “gut busting lunch at Elmo’s.” You see, my husband and I own the joint. Just curious, which sandwich or lunch special did you have, and does gut-busting equate to good eats?

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa
Cynthia and Kevin Frey

Editor’s note: Why, yes, it does!


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