Monday, August 8, 2022

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I stand with the opposition on the Better Bottle Bill debate


Interesting column on the recycling of bottles (“Bottled Up,” April 18). Hard to make a decision as to which way it should go, but I’m siding with those who are against it (the ones you reference as: “They care about the economy — especially their own.”) I find that insulting, particularly when I looked at the list of those on the “against” list. Many of those very organizations have been extremely generous to the communities which they serve (Hy-Vee being high on that list). If the additional expense to them would result in their being less able to continue that generosity, then I’d vote with them.

Cityview, I would assume, is in business to at least cover their expenses, which includes salaries, if not enough to create a fund for continuing, and/or expanding. Are you not interested in your own economy, too? This attitude we see so much of in “hating the employer” or “business” is getting old and needs to be buried.

Jackie Fleming


Do menopausal females really need guns?

My wife is a teacher in the Southeast Polk School system. My wife and I both live in Altoona, as does Mike Kooker, the guest author (Guest Commentary, April 18). He must be an idiot. My wife, who is of an age, has only one statement to make about this: “What parent/person would want to arm, with loaded guns, a group of menopausal women who work with children?”

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

We can all guess how that will work out. Just saying, I sure would not let my children go to school with menopausal women who are packing loading guns.

J. Bern


There’s plenty of hot air to be had

Having just received my fourth canned robocall “inviting” me to the Keystone Pipeline rally, I think if the monied interests behind them were truly interested in creating infrastructure jobs, they’d support creation of a jobs program rebuilding roads and bridges, or even wind-power turbines. As for solving the purported energy crisis, seems to me there’s of plenty hot air to be found. What’s the real agenda for the rally?

Jeni Nosbisch
–Des Moines


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