Saturday, August 20, 2022

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Why doesn’t the governor try using Medicaid?


Medicaid is state-funded, and so is the governor’s health insurance. If the state-provided care is so good as to not need federal intervention, why doesn’t the governor use it himself? If he were on IowaCare, he could be grateful that he serves most of his time near Broadlawns in Des Moines, and if he needed specialist care, he could be grateful that he has ready transport to Iowa City via state trooper. Surely he wouldn’t mind waiting his turn on a list for treatment. Or does so many years at the executive level foster some sense of entitlement?

Jeni Nosbisch
–Des Moines


Put the coo-coo back in the clock

I just read Tom Kearney’s tirade “Umanned Drones are Bad for All” (Your View, Feb. 28). All I have to say is, Tom, “Put the coo-coo back in the clock.”

–Sean Linthicum
Des Moines


CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Short attention span

Confession: Despite my frequent vow never to read Cityview again, a recent bicycle crash with resultant broken bones and pain medications has left my attention span even shorter than usual. So short, in fact, that the Civic Skinny is about all I can handle.

With that in mind, I read your tattle-tale tell-all about the mouth and the startling Register lightbulb conspiracy (Civic Skinny, Feb. 28) and had these thoughts:


                  No shit?

                  Great investigative work, as usual!

                  Is this the Des Moines version of The Onion?

                  I’m never going to read this crap again, and I really mean it.

                  I’ve gotta get off these pain meds.

–Kim West
Des Moines


Need for headlight bill is clear as day

To those legislators opposed to the wipers/headlight bill, I hope you were on the roadways on Tuesday, Feb. 26. That should have proved to you that the bill to require headlights to be seen when you need wipers to see or when visibility is less than 1,000 feet is a needed rule of driving.

Failure to help others see you when you are on the streets and highways is not only rude, it is inconsiderate and dangerous. Talk to traffic officers who have investigated numerous crashes, and they will tell you the most frequent excuse they hear is, “I didn’t see him.”

–Paul Ehlert


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