Monday, January 24, 2022

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Fairness and honesty?

I enjoyed your article recently on the Civic Skinny titled “Ferentz gets $100,000 raise; Rhoads misses $200,000 bonus” (Civic Skinny, Nov. 29). I would have liked to have seen the comparison with the one remaining state school University of Northern Iowa.                 

I have no issue with larger schools getting a larger slice of the pie. However, Iowa is taking the largest slice with same enrollment as Iowa State and with less productivity — interesting if the Board of Regents would ever consider dividing the money based on student enrollment or by the number of athletes each school sponsors. Of course that would be demonstrating fairness, and who would want to teach our youth the meaning of fairness and honesty?                 

Enjoy your publication for the writing and publishing what The Des Moines Register won’t.

Cameron Fetty 




Hiding in a camouflaged pillbox 

Look out, Bambi! Shotgun deer hunting season is here at last! Indeed this is an enterprise that beckons the He-man impulse in me. I’m armed and ready to rock. I’m loaded with rocket-propelled grenades, cluster bombs and a sprinkling of Napalm. I’ll hide in a camouflaged pillbox. A demur doe will tip toe by. My radar will light up. I’m locked and loaded. She turns her big, brown eyes. I fire a salvo. By the rocket’s red glare, she’s turned to mush. Score one for the Spartans. Dinner at eight; don’t be late

Gary Wilson

–Des Moines


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