Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Where are the ‘blowhard’ Republicans now?

You know, we haven’t heard much from Gov. Branstad since election night. What happened to him? He took millions in federal stimulus money from President Obama to keep the state afloat but didn’t say anything about that in his endorsement of Mitt Romney, which was published in The Des Moines Register prior to the election. Is he fearful that the voting public will remember that, and the 200,000 jobs he promised to create along with the 25 percent raise in income for all workers that never really developed during his term in office?                 

Also, what became of Ted Nugent? He said that he would be in jail or dead if President Obama was re-elected. Was he off his meds when he said that, or is he just another attention-seeking diva like Donald Trump? There should be a photo in every dictionary of Trump, with his impossible comb-over, representing the noun “blowhard.”                 

And someone should sit down with Clint Eastwood and explain to him that he was not looking out for his own economic self-interest when he voted for Romney. They could explain to him that when he made a feature-length movie costing him 25 percent of his income in federal income tax, Romney paid only 14 percent in federal tax on his capital gains income. They could illustrate that for him by having him stand next to an empty chair symbolizing Romney’s campaign promises. 

–Greg Lee


Des Moines


The old white guys of the GOP have had their last hurrah! They just don’t understand that the country has changed, and the U.S.A. has a new dynamic. Much has been made about Obama going on multiple talk shows and Romney refusing to appear on any of them. That says it all right there. As a tacit member of the Old, White Guys Club myself, I can see where the country is heading, and I don’t necessarily like all of it. But one can’t stop change. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, women and gays are all becoming more active and influential in politics. The glory days of the all-powerful white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant are over!                

As I have said many times: “I’m glad I’m old. Just don’t mess with my Social Security!” 

–Gary Thelen 

West Des Moines


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