Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Jim Duncan is no ‘pimp’

I was reading the Publisher’s Note this week (Oct. 4) and was surprised at how I became upset over something I would normally look past. I enjoy Jim Duncan’s articles and insights, but at this point in time, I really think it is time to give up the term “pimp.” With the immense amount of knowledge about human trafficking that we find more out about every day, I think this term needs to quit being thrown around so lightly. Pimp is just a friendlier, sensationalized word for kidnapper, batterer, rapist, exploiter, slave-trader… the list could go on and on.                

I know this might seem overly sensitive, and, as I said, I was surprised myself that the term “Art Pimp” upset me. But if Jay-Z can give up using the term, I think Cityview could come up with another name.

Ted Rasmusson
–Des Moines


‘Joe’s Neighborhood’ makes great addition to Cityview

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

I just picked up my weekly edition of Cityview and was thrilled to see Joe Weeg joined your team. He’ll be a great compliment to your already spectacular group! With all his contacts and years of experiences, he will be inundated with article opportunities.                

It’s been several years since I retired from the Urbandale Police Department as a detective. I met Joe back in 1990 when he successfully prosecuted one of many of my cases.                

As I was reading his first post, I immediately recognized Jason Garnett (“Joe’s Neighborhood, Oct. 4). I showed my 12-year-old triplets, and they looked at the photo and noticed it was my nephew, Nolan Sherwood. I forgot about his wild astronaut. We had a lot of fun reading the story.                

Joe will be able to share hundreds of his own ventures and events. So, congratulations to Joe and to Cityview.

Brett Feuerhelm
–West Des Moines


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