Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Your Money



Paid for by taxpayers in…

Urbandale Community Schools

To be paid on 5/23/2016



Amount: $832,189.86

To: General

For: Total bills paid for one month on May 23


Amount: $425,637.79

To: Sales tax fund

For: Fund Total


Amount: $415,596.26

To: Larson & Larson Construction

For: Services


Amount: $216,636.09

To: Durham School Services

For: Services


Amount: $79,563.77

To: Student activity

For: Total bills paid for one month on May 23


Amount: $129,830

To: Des Moines Area Community College

For: Services


Amount: $74,739.11

To: Fund total

For: School nutrition


Amount: $41,811.26

To: Martin Brothers Distributing

For: Paper


Amount: $40,042.50

To: Urbandale Community Schools

For: Third quarter tuition


Amount: $34,605.77

To: MidAmerican Energy

For: Valerius


Amount: $11,865

To: National Cheerleaders Association

For: Competition


Amount: $25,012

To: Obectix Inc.

For: Airfare


Amount: $13,914.15

To: Anderson Erickson Dairy

For: Dairy


Amount: $13,674

To: AP Exam

For: Service


Amount: $7,639.58

To: Loffredo Fresh Produce Co.

For: Produce


Amount: $6,914.84

To: Urbandale Water Utility

For: Water and sewer

Salaries and such

Name        Jamie PollardCV 6-2 SAL SUCH JAMIE POLLARD

Title         Athletic Director

Department              Iowa State University

Annual salary          $600,000






The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding last week in the amount of $1,951 for Jonathan Lund, fire marshal, to attend the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Fire Rescue International Annual Conference and Expo in San Antonio, Texas from Aug. 16-20. The conference offers workshops, seminars and networking in order to assist with professional development. This conference is a requirement of the IAFC Executive Development Institute. CV

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