Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Paid for by taxpayers …



Urbandale schools


Amount: $2,920

To: Environmental Property Solutions Inc.


For: Asbestos removal


Amount: $12,033.74

To: Iowa Testing Programs

For: Registration fee and standard service


Amount: $1,233.60

To: Neil Enterprises Inc.

For: Contigo coffee cups and water bottles


Amount: $270

To: ABC Electrical Services

For: “Locates” for long jump pit


Amount: $50

To: American Airlines

For: Baggage


Amount: $1,235

To: Contract Specialty L.C.

For: Grass seed


Amount: $7,120.38

To: Contract Specialty L.C.

For: Spring fertilizer and weed killer


Amount: $23,872.50

To: Dallas Center Grimes-School District

For: Tuition


Amount: $118,292.55

To: Des Moines Independent Schools

For:  Fiscal year 2015-2016 central campus students


Amount: $850

To: Dueling Musicians LLC – Mike Leeds

For: End of year assembly


Amount: $387.76

To: Follett School Solutions

For: Replacement books (not to exceed $388)


Amount: $139.30

To: Gopher Sport

For: Shuttlecocks


Amount: $285

To: Iowa International Center

For: Interpreters – Swahili (1 hour) and Vietnam


Amount: $912

To: Iowa Association – School Boards

For: Background checks March 2016


Amount: $4,712

To: J Laurenzo Specialty Products

For: Baby changing station


Amount: $129

To: Lakeshore Learning Materials

For: Comfy pillows (5)


Amount: $5.50

To: Oriental Trading

For: Googly eyes

Salaries and such

CV 5-19 Salaries and such Debi Durham

Name        Deborah Durham

Title         Director of Economic Development

Department              Economic Development

Annual Salary         $154,300


The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding in the amount of $2,061.93 for Building Maintenance Supervisor Kirk Robinson to visit Phoenix, Arizona, from April 30 – May 4 in order to attend the Tyler Technologies 2016 Users’ Conference. The conference will provide training sessions on the new work order system to be implemented in city facilities. CV


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