Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Paid for by taxpayers in…


Paid in September

Amount: $325
To: St. Mark’s School of Texas
For: Entry fees

Amount: $14,819.58
To: Orchard Place
For: Professional services

Amount: $2,520
To: Iowa Division of Labor Service
For: Inspection

Amount: $1,270
To: Conservation Education Center
For: Registration

Prep Iowa

Amount: $306,899.04
To: MidAmerican Energy Company
For: Utilities

Amount: $3,661.70
To: Iowa Association of School Boards
For: Physicals

Amount: $4,567.66
To: Mail Services
For: Postage

Amount: $278.50
To: Wood Roofing Co. Inc.
For: Services

Amount: $108.90
To: Electronic Engineering Co.
For: Supplies

Amount: $1,500
To: Greater Des Moines Partnership
For: Professional services\

Amount: $125
To: Ankeny High School
For: Entry fees

Amount: $321.26
To: Westside Parts and Service
For: Repair

Amount: $9,684.05
To: Continuum Retail Energy Services
For: Utilities

Amount: $1,085.86
To: Des Moines Water Works
For: Water

Amount: $180.52
To: CDW Government Inc.
For: License

Amount: $290
To: Conservation Education Center
For: Rental

Amount: $4,966.34
To: Delta Dental of Iowa
For: Premiums

Salaries and such

salaries 10-22Name: Andrew Conrad
Title: Senior Program Manager and Special Projects Manager
Department: Institute for Decision Making and Business & Community Services Division
Annual Salary: $99,901.08



The Des Moines City Council approved funding for travel expenses for Cody Brigman, a crime scene investigator, to visit Garden Grove, California, from Oct. 11-24. Brigman is attending a Field Evidence Technician Course, sponsored by California State University, Criminal Justice Research and Training. The two-week training program covers the theory of crime scene investigations, the collection of physical evidence, specialized photography techniques, casting, fingerprint development techniques, DNA collection, trace evidence, digital forensics and death investigation. This comes at a cost of $3,179 to local taxpayers. CV

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