Friday, January 21, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…


Paid on June 16

Amount: $228.42
To: Imaging Technologies
For: Copier charges

Amount: $73.97
To: First Choice Coffee Services
For: Coffee

Amount: $500
To: Langford International Inc.
For: Conference

Amount: $435
To: Living History Farms
For: Admission


Amount: $24,826.90
To: McGraw Hill Education
For: Books

Amount: $47,332
To: Rieman Music Inc.
For: Equipment

Amount: $8,517
To: Solution Tree
For: Workshop

Amount: $1,053.20
To: Barnes and Noble
For: Books

Amount: $19.98
To: Des Moines Lock Service
For: Supplies

Amount: $206
To: Doors Inc.
For: Supplies

Amount: $8,490
To: Urbandale Swim Pool
For: Pool usage

Amount: $400
To: Comprehensive Sound Services
For: Audio recording services

Amount: $1,000
To: Synergy Dance LLC
For: Dance deposit

Amount: $6,206.32
To: Hiland Dairy Foods
For: Dairy


Salary 7-2Salaries and such

Name: Robert King
Title: Executive Director
Department: Veterans Affairs
Annual Salary: $80,749.92





The Des Moines City Council approved funding the travel expenses for Sergeant Steve Woody to travel to Seattle, Washington, from July 10-15 to attend the FBI National Academy Associates Annual Training Conference and Exhibition. The conference will provide the opportunity to receive more than 16 hours of professional training in law enforcement topics, an extensive equipment exhibit and a multitude of networking opportunities. This will cost taxpayers $2,053. CV

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