Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…


Paid on June 2


Amount: $460
To: 5 Star Show Goats
For: Central campus lab supplies

Amount: $500
To: Airbrush Body Creations LLC
For: East High post prom

Amount: $800
To: All American Timing
For: Girls track meets


Amount: $520
To: Canoesport America Inc.
For: Intro to kayaking and stand up paddling

Amount: $85
To: Ballard Community School District
For: Entry fee, girls track

Amount: $59,560.80
To: Apple Computer Inc.
For: iPads and various merchandise

Amount: $266
To: Des Moines Symphony Orchestra
For: Findley Elementary field trip

Amount: $14,282.80
To: Diamond Oil Company
For: Diesel fuel for buses

Amount: $1,920
To: Ever-Green
For: Woodchips

Amount: $49.95
To: Tracy Holland
For: Flowers

Amount: $2,371.46
To: Iowa Des Moines Supply Inc.
For: Sporks and sectioned foam trays

Amount: $3,719.77
To: Ja-Ra Enterprises
For: Jefferson playground maintenance

Amount: $4,089.69
To: Lifetouch
For: Yearbook orders

Amount: $455
To: Skate West Inc.
For: Skate rental for senior party


Salary 6-18Salaries and such

Name: Benjamin Corell
Title: State Quartermaster
Department: Department of Public Defense
Annual Salary: $129,912.84





The Des Moines City Council approved funding for travel expenses for T.M. Franklin Cownie to visit San Francisco, California, from June 18-23. Cownie will attend the 83rd Annual United States Conference of Mayors. The event will provide opportunities to connect with fellow mayors, elected officials and business leaders while learning about best practices from other communities. This comes at a cost of $3,286 to taxpayers. CV

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