Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Paid for by taxpayers…


For the month of March

Amount: $33,466.83
To: Ankeny Community Schools
For: Tuition

Amount: $10,752.50
To: Brandt Agency of Interpreting
For: Professional services

Amount: $110,942.46
To: Central Iowa Hospital Corp.
For: Services

Amount: $7,490
To: Drake University
For: Registration

Prep Iowa

Amount: $95,169.18
To: MidAmerican Energy Company
For: Utilities

Amount: $11,268.69
To: Delta Dental of Iowa
For: Premiums

Amount: $210,580.40
To: Iowa Department of Human Services
For: Medicaid

Amount: $1,539.36
To: Nutrition Services
For: Catering/nutrition services

Amount: $62,225.95
To: Continuum Retail Energy Services
For: Utilities

Amount: $13,630
To: Four Oaks
For: Professional services

Amount: $5,625.34
To: Waste Management of Iowa
For: Services

Amount: $117.81
To: United Parcel Services
For: Postage

Amount: $205.44
To: West Music Co.
For: Supplies

Amount: $27,633.60
To: Quick Fuel Inc
For: Fuel


salary 5-14Salaries and such

Name: Patricia Geadelmann

Title: Special Assistant to the President for Board and Government Relations

Department: University of Northern Iowa

Annual Salary: $140,381.04




The Des Moines City Council approved travel expenses for Brady Carney, vice narcotics investigator, to visit Newport Beach, California, from May 16-21. Carney will attend the Drug/Terrorist and Criminal Interdiction Training Conference conducted by the International Narcotics Interdiction Association. The training will provide investigators with the tools needed to begin investigations into illicit drug sales/trafficking criminal organizations and activities and also assist officers in strengthening existing cases. This comes at a cost of $1,724 to taxpayers. CV


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