Friday, August 12, 2022

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Paid for by taxpayers…


Paid during the month of April

Amount: $64.80
To: Supplyworks (formerly AmSan)
For: Towels and liners

Amount: $477
To: Baker Group
For: 4.5 hours of labor used at the Public Library of Des Moines

Amount: $2,597.16
To: Commonwealth Electric Company
For: Labor, material and equipment at the South Side Library

Amount: $1,555.50
To: Family Tree Care LLC
For: two tree removals

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Amount: $95.50
To: General Fire and Safety Equipment Co.
For: Fire extinguisher inspection and other services at the Des Moines Public Library

Amount: $136.06
To: Mail Services
For: Various postage, weighing and other fees billed to the Des Moines Public Library

Amount: $18.28
To: Miller’s Hardware
For: Various products and supplies

Amount: $114.87
To: Momar Incorporated (Georgia)
For: Four filter bags for the Des Moines Central Library

Amount: $250.98
To: Per Mar Security Services
For: Security monitoring and services for the Des Moines Public Library – Hubbell

Amount: $969.35
To: Per Mar Security Services
For: Physical security officer paid for 58.5 hours at the Des Moines Public Library

Amount: $267.18
To: Cummins Central Power LLC
For: Parts and labor

Amount: $2,400.72
To: KONE Inc. (Illinois)
For: Maintenance coverage for April 1 to June 30

Amount: $200
To: Baker & Taylor (Georgia)
For: Two books for the Des Moines Public Library

Amount: $141.91
To: Ingram Library Services (Missouri)
For: 11 books for the Des Moines Public Library



Name: Robert Hegeman
Title: Clinical Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
Department: University of Iowa
Annual Salary: $168,046.85





The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding for Lt. Bryan Flanigan ($1,323) to attend the Residential Electricity for Fire Investigators in-lab program in Brenton Harbor, Michigan, from May 12-15. The program explores electrical wiring, distribution systems and fire causation. The training session will provide hands-on practical experience with wiring residential systems and a better understanding of how electricity can cause fires. Funding was also approved for Diane Rauh ($2,480), city clerk, to visit Hartford, Connecticut, from May 15-21, to attend the 69th Annual Conference of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, which provides professional development and networking opportunities. This will enable the city clerk to exchange ideas regarding citizen demands, legal changes in processes and new information technologies in order to plan and expedite different tasks. CV


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