Saturday, August 20, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…the Des Moines Public School District


Amount: $455.26

To: A Tec Recycling Inc.

For: Recycling of bulbs and ballast

Amount: $13,990

To: A+ Lawn & Landscape Inc.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

For: District mowing

Amount: $2,852.20

To: United Refrigeration Inc.

For: Refrigerant, heat pump thermostat and compressor

Amount: $588.68

To: Really Good Stuff Inc.

For: Various classroom supplies

Amount: $206.70

To: Presto

For: Dust mop heads and related products

Amount: $1,803.56

To: Scholastic Inc.

For: Several classroom sets and magazines for various grades

Amount: $221.29

To: Dahl’s

For: Blanket purchase order for school activities

Amount: $19,499.50


For: Consultation for July 7 to Aug. 25

Amount: $355.25

To: Gopher Sports

For: Rainbow Versabag mesh bags, Dura Hoop Plus and a compact goal

Amount: $86.10

To: The Graphic Edge Inc.

For: P.E. shirts and shorts

Amount: $220

To: Heartland Scenic Studio Inc.

For: Stage curtain repairs

Amount: $5,251.29

To: OfficeMax Inc.

For: Various classroom supplies

Amount: $31,347.66

To: Anderson Erickson Dairy Co.

For: Blanket purchase order for milk and dairy

Amount: $230

To: Windy City Players

For: Performances at Greenwood on Oct. 13

salaries 10-2Salaries and such

Name: Michael E. Takacs

Title: Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Department: University of Iowa

Annual Salary: $327,062


The Des Moines City Council approved travel expense funding to Terry Bennigsdorf, senior electrical inspector, to travel to Cleveland, Ohio, from Sept. 20-24 ($1,251); Mayor T.M. Franklin Cownie to travel to Sacramento, California, from Sept. 26-30 ($1,608.40); and Laura Graham, assistant to the city manager, to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina, from Sept. 14-17 ($2,226.34). Bennigsdorf attended the 2014 annual Western Code seminar sponsored by the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, Cownie attended the United States Conference of Mayors 2014 Fall Leadership meeting, and Graham attended the International City Manager Association’s annual conference. CV

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