Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Your Money

Someone please buy The Des Moines Register!


I can’t take it anymore: The endless updates in Civic Skinny on the sagging circulation and slow death of The Des Moines Register.

Enough already. Mr. Gartner, pool your money with the likely windfall to soon come to Commissioner Chris Godfrey and buy the damn paper and save it before it is too late. If you need more investors, call Marty Tirrell — he might know of a few.

Mike Rowley

Republicans can’t resist using political “dirty tricks”

There are leaders of the Republican Party who just can’t resist using dirty tricks against their opponents. They have broken out their black bag of dirty political tactics in numerous races around the country by creating bogus news sites. They have created ads disguised to appear to be legitimate news sites but are actually vicious partisan attacks on Democratic candidates.

In Iowa’s third Congressional race, they have created one of these bogus news sites to attack Democratic candidate Staci Appel.

Prep Iowa

This reprehensible use of partisan political advertising disguised as legitimate news is disgusting, immature and unacceptable behavior. Rather than educating voters about a candidate, their use of deceptive advertising is meant to confuse, distort and misrepresent information voters require to make intelligent decisions.

The Branstad campaign has chosen a different below-the-belt tactic against his opponent by purchasing the domain name of HatchVernon and putting up a fake website that appears to be legitimate but attributes bogus statements to Senator Hatch. Branstad defended the phony website by saying “this type of thing happens all the time in campaigns.”

These dishonest tricks by Branstad and the GOP make a mockery of acceptable civil discourse and are an insult to the voting public.

Rick Smith

Make asylum claim funding a priority

The U.S. has a legal and moral obligation to provide screening for asylum claims for the Central American refugee children. Therefore, it is imperative that Congress provide the necessary funds to speedily process the claims. This should include paying for more judges and legal counsel for these children.

It is inane for members of Congress to ask President Obama to defy the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008.  Instead, Congress needs the courage to find solutions for immigration reform in a broader spectrum as well as the current influx of refugee children.

Please write President Obama, Senator Grassley, Senator Harkin and Representatives Latham urging them to make asylum claims’ funding a priority when Congress reconvenes from the August recess.

Julie Stewart Ziesman

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