Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines School District.


Amount: $6,245.85

To: Achieve Highpoints

For: Nineteen students for the fall 2013 session.


Amount: $102.48


To: Achievement Products for Child

For: Noise-muting headphones.


Amount: $6,110

To: Ampco System Parking

For: Multiple parking expenses for more than 70 spaces and parking in the Ninth and Locust ramp.


Amount: $14,193.79

To: Advantage Companies

For: Document preparation services provided.


Amount: $913

To: American Concrete

For: North High School concrete repair and Windsor concrete for a sidewalk.


Amount: $4,893.35

To: American Time and Signal Co.

For: District-wide clock movements.


Amount: $2,843.23

To: Academy Roofing & Sheet Metal

For: Work at King, North, Roosevelt and Smouse.


Amount: $2,048.32

To: All Iowa Pool and Supply Inc.

For: Custodial pool needs.


Amount: $12,962.50

To: Alternatives Unlimited

For: Enrollment of 35 students for fall 2013 session.


Amount: $79,706.70

To: Apple Computer Inc.

For: Purchase of iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16GBs, iPad Air 16GB Space Grays, Logitech ultrathin Keyboard, iPod Touch 16GBs, two iPad Mini Wi-Fi 16GBs and various other purchases.


Amount: $91.40

To: Benjamin Baldus

For: Reimbursement for purchase of book supplies.


Amount: $2,830.30

To: Benchmark Education

For: Cross-text social studies, science and genre sets.


Amount: $2,495

To: Berg Audio & Video

For: Three digital presenters.


salarySalaries and such

Name: Augustina Naami

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: University of Northern Iowa College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Social Work

Annual Salary: $57,000



The Des Moines City Council Records Management System (RMS) and Document Management System (DMS) Specialist, John Petersen, to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, from June 2-6, to attend the HexagonLive Conference, which promises to provide certifications and hands-on training for the RMS and Field-Based Reporting systems. This comes at a $1,865 cost to local taxpayers. CV

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