Thursday, January 20, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines.


Amount: $10,762.59

To: EnvisionWare Inc. (Georgia)

For: Payment for annual system maintenance services for the Des Moines Public Library.


Amount: $874.50


To: Active Network (California)

For: Purchase of five metrologic barcode scanner USBs.


Amount: $900

To: Singletrack Trails Inc. (Colorado)

For: Lump sum payment to have a boardwalk installed at Ewing Park.


Amount: $158.75

To: Skold Door and Floor Company

For: Payment for a service call to Ankeny Wastewater Reclamation Authority building on April 24 because a door wouldn’t open, including $45 to replace hinges and $113.75 for 2.5 hours of labor.


Amount: $888.25

To: UnityPoint Health

For: Payment for services offering on-site hearing tests at the Public Works building.


Amount: $58,554.79

To: Environmental Systems Research Institute (California)

For: Payment for Desktop Advanced and Standard concurrent maintenance services for the Information Technology Department for 2014-2015.


Amount: $1,343.73

To: Sprint (Kentucky)

For: Payment for phone services and equipment for employees in the Engineering Department, including several Kyocera Dura XT holsters at $15.99 each and an iPhone 5S at $199, with a dual USB vehicle charger ($23.99) and Ballistic case ($31.99) for Jason Khongmaly.


Amount: $100,742.31

To: Constellation NewEnergy (Illinois)

For: Payment for gas service for the month of March.


Amount: $896

To: All Concrete Cutting Company

For: Payment for repair services cutting and removing a 66-square-foot trench in the basement of the old Armory Building, as per bid quote.


Amount: $7,175

To: Boone Glass Co.

For: Payment for services removing and discarding the automatic sliding doors at the Riverwalk Hub restroom and replacing them with a hinged door, including a 10-year warranty.


Amount: $14,327

To: Indoff Incorporated (Missouri)

For: Purchase of Edsal bulk storage racks for the Police Department.


Amount: $65,703.50

To: Parker Signs and Graphics Inc.

For: Purchase of directional signs associated with Riverwalk Hub, Des Moines River Trail and Sargent Park Hub and Plaza.


salary 5.15Salaries and such

Name: Tom Hadden

Title: City Manager

Department: West Des Moines City Administration

Annual salary: $177,000

Term of service: Hired on May 5



The Des Moines City Council recently approved Narcotics K9 Handler Matthew Harkin to travel to Evansville, Indiana, from April 27–May 19, to attend the “Top Dogs Police Canine Academy” training for officers and dogs. This comes with a $2,668.32 price tag to local taxpayers. CV

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