Friday, August 12, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Paid for by taxpayers in Des Moines.


Amount: $1,322.21

To: Stetson Building Products

For: Red duct tape and 10 cut-all multi purpose purple saw blades for Public Works Sewer Division.


Amount: $425

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: TruGreen Commercial Services

For: Snow removal at three locations, including the Civic Center, Nollen Plaza and the police station.


Amount: $135


For: A shipment of 200 latex gloves sent to the Des Moines Waste Water Treatment Plant.


Amount: $80,244

To: Wynn O. Jones & Associates, Inc.

For: Manufacturing laboratory casework and accessories and additional installation services for the Des Moines Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division.


Amount: $538.66

To: Woodman Controls Company

For: The adding of heaters to the south side library, labor costs, a current switch for the system and miscellaneous installation materials.


Amount: $151.05

To: Franklin Avenue Library

For: Three orders of white c-fold towels and two orders of 1,250-ml antibacterial foam soap.


Amount: $25.50

To: Des Moines Parks and Recreation

For: An “assumption of risk” sign for public parks.


Amount: $6,846.25

To: Joe Bianchi LLC

For: Payment for snow plow and clean up services including salting sidewalks for the month of February at all public libraries.


Amount: $164.05

To: Kryger Glass Company

For: Replacement of glass in a rear passenger door on a government vehicle for Des Moines Fleet Services.


Amount: $51.57

To: Midwest Tape

For: Three DVDs of “Barbie The Pearl Princess” in widescreen delivered to the Des Moines Public Library.


Amount: $87,291.05

To: Constellation NewEnergy

For: The monthly gas bill for the City of Des Moines (includes more than 50 separate addresses).


salarySalaries and such

Name: David Johns

Title: Principal

Department: Meredith Middle School

Annual salary: $101,339

Years held position: Starts on July 1, 2014



The Des Moines City Council recently approved Anthony Ballantini to travel to Evansville, Ind., from April 8-May 19, to attend a mandatory canine training seminar pertaining to his new position as a Patrol K9 Handler. This tax-funded travel expense was listed at $3,633.60. CV

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