Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines.


Amount: $3,787.91

To: MidAmerican Energy

For: Monthly payment for gas and electric services for the Fire Department.


Amount: $1,885


To: AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory

For: Payment for services for the city Testing Lab, including a basic on-site assessment fee and a soil assessment test fee at multiple locations.


Amount: $1,545

To: ATW Training and Consulting

For: Registration fees for 31 employees to attend a leadership conference entitled “The Five Levels of Leadership” delivered by Max Gage on March 12.


Amount: $498.94

To: Contract Specialty LC

For: Purchase of heat ice melt calcium — 38 bags at 50 pallets per order — to be delivered to Gray’s Lake.


Amount: $7,455

To: Helmets R US Inc.

For: Purchase of 1,000 bike helmets for Des Moines Public Schools.


Amount: $16

To: Des Moines Stamp Manufacturing Co.

For: Purchase of a metal nametag delivered to the Des Moines Police Department.


Amount: $921.60

To: LabMark Safety Distributors

For: Purchase of 576 EvaSafe syringe containers to be delivered to the Police Property Department.


Amount: $898

To: M.V.P. Fence

For: Payment of installation fee, plus cost of materials to repair a damaged fence on the east side of Indianola Road at Yeader Creek.


Amount: $42.38

To: Motion Industries

For: Purchase of six 100-ounce dry lube containers for the Sewage Department.


Amount: $29.75

To: Electronic Engineering

For: Purchase of a pager delivered to Des Moines Police Department.


Amount: $762.18

To: State Chemical Solutions

For: Purchase of a large quantity of fragrances including almond and sweet “sun”sation for the City of Des Moines Building Services. 



Name: Beverly Barber

Title: Secretary III

Department: University of Northern Iowa Department of Business – Economics

Annual salary: $52,659

Years held position: 19



The Des Moines City Council recently approved Senior Police Officer Michael West to travel to Nashville, Tenn., from April 26-29, to attend the National Lifesavers Conference, which promises to cover new procedures used by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies for traffic and alcohol related enforcement. This comes at a total cost of $1,395 to local taxpayers. CV

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