Friday, August 12, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…Polk County


Amount: $10,119.65

To: Carpenter Uniform

For: Purchase of uniforms for the Sheriff’s Office, including $275.70 for patrol ($2,993.40 for vests); $938.80 for detectives; $4,647.34 for jail staff; $879.93 for court staging; $384.48 for court services.


Amount: $651.73

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: Clive Power Equipment

For: Purchase of parts, repair and maintenance for the Conservation Department, including fuel, air and oil filters for mowers and a $91.07 seatbelt kit.


Amount: $223

To: Michelle Collette

For: Payment for 111.5 primary hours serving as the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE).


Amount: $334.56

To: Ed Roehr Safety Products (Missouri)

For: Purchase of air cartridges for Tasers for the Conservation Board.


Amount: $2,400

To: Fexsteve Limited Company

For: Payment for lead-removal services provided to 1301 Payton Ave.


Amount:  $2,149.05

To: Field Paper Company (Nebraska)

For: Purchase of paper.


Amount: $856.40

To: Forestry Suppliers Inc. (Mississippi)

For: Purchase of a GPS mapping device ($199.99), fuses for forest fire torch ($358.50), a retractable ratchet tie-down ($21.25), gloves ($18.90), wind/waterproof lighters ($49.50) and two books — ”Getting To Know ARC GIS” ($79.95) and “Field Guide to Wildflowers” ($21.95) — plus $106.36 in shipping charges, for the Conservation Board.


Amount: $1,962.35

To: Hammer Pharmacy

For: Purchase of medications for youth in detention.


Amount: $868.74 (Texas)

To: Insight Public Sector

For: Purchase of data processing supplies ($190.44) and PC software ($678.30).


Amount: $3,270

To: Iowa Cancer Consortium

For: Payment for services mitigating radon from people’s homes.


Amount: $4,273.50

To: Iowa Department of Public Health

For: Purchase of Vital Records security paper.


salarySalaries and Such

Name: Isaiah McGee

Title: Equity Coordinator

Department: Des Moines Public Schools

Annual salary: $89,500

Years held position: Starts on April 4



The Des Moines City Council recently approved City Clerk Diane Rauh to travel to Milwaukee, Wis., from May 18-23, to attend the 68th Annual Conference of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. The conference promises to provide professional development and networking opportunities which offers the ability to exchange ideas regarding citizen demands, legal changes in procedure and new information technologies in order to plan and expedite different tasks. This travel expense is priced at $2,105 and paid for by local taxpayers.  CV

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