Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines Community Schools


Amount: $3,588.82

To: 4 Imprint

For: Purchase of Big Value tote and Swing USB drives, including $52.82 in shipping fees.


Amount: $325.58


To: A Tec Recycling Inc.

For: Payment for September’s recycling services at a Prospect Road property.


Amount: $502

To: Ablenet Inc.

For: Purchase of iTalk2 Communicator including an estimated shipping cost of $25.


Amount: $368

To: AC Supply Co.

For: Payment for Central Campus Aviation program.


Amount: $3,250

To: AEI Speakers Bureau

For: Fee for booking Sue Brookhart to be a speaker on Oct. 25 at three different locations.


Amount: $13,750

To: After School Arts Program

For: A $1,250 payment to the following elementary schools, and Brody Middle School: Capitol View, Garton, Hillis, King, McKinley, Monroe, Morris, Riverwoods, Samuelson and Willard schools for Fall 2013 programming.


Amount: $2,402.72

To: All Iowa Pool and Supply

For: Blanket purchase order for custodial pool supplies.


Amount: $6,020

To: Ampco System Parking

For: Payments for parking expenses for staff members, Oct. 1.


Amount: $163.55

To: Atlantic Bottling Co.

For: Purchase of concession stand materials at Harding on Aug. 9 and 20.


Amount: $35

To: Gloria Brott

For: Reimbursement payment for the purchase of cupcakes from Dahl’s for students on Aug. 21.


Amount: $275

To: Budget Mobile Storage

For: Payment of September storage fees for trailers at Jefferson.


Amount: $979.50

To: Carpenter Uniform and Co.

For: Purchase of uniforms for the Roosevelt Boys’ Golf team ($389.70) as well as security uniforms for Jerry Matalone ($286.35) and Larry Rogers ($303.45).


Salary 102413Salaries and Such

Name: Marian Kohut

Title: Professor 

Department: Iowa State University — Kinesiology

Annual salary: $127,648.20



The Des Moines City Council recently approved detective-senior police officer Matthew Towers to travel to Albany, N.Y. From Sept. 21-27, Towers attended a homicide investigation seminar sponsored by the New York State Police, which included updated research into homicide investigations, evidence techniques and interview methods. This came at a $1,349 cost to local taxpayers. CV

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