Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines


Amount: $1,870

To: Shuck-Britson

For: Payment for 2013 parking garage repairs ($6,633.26 remains unpaid).


Amount: $7,572.32


To: Speck and Associates

For: Payment for Walnut Street streetscape design project ($704.77 remains outstanding).


Amount: $111,276

To: Elder Corporation

For: Payment for pavement resurfacing work on the Southeast Connector — Southeast Ninth to Southeast 15th streets (about $5 million left outstanding).


Amount: $224,943.51

To: Jenco Construction Inc.

For: Payment for work to the Grand Avenue Bridge over Walnut Creek (about $2 million left outstanding).


Amount: $120,664.37

To: MPS Engineers

For: Payment for the sidewalk ramp program ($131,055 left outstanding).


Amount: $38,998.44

To: Reilly construction Co. Inc.

For: Payment for the Indianola Avenue street widening project, phase 2 ($30,000 still outstanding).


Amount: $511,482.04

To: Rice Lake Contracting Corp. (Minnesota)

For: Payment for the Wastewater Reclamation Authority (WRA) southern tier improvement project on the high lift pump (about $2.6 million still outstanding).


Amount: $1,640.30

To: Allender Butzke Engineers

For: Payment for the police department’s evidence storage enhancements ($6,875.75 remains outstanding).


Amount: $1,655

To: Bluestone Engineering LLC

For: Payment for work on the accessible elevator at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens ($1,790.28 remains outstanding).


Amount: $23,410.29

To: Brown Engineering Company

For: Payment for the Des Moines Skywalk analysis ($58,719.53 left to pay).


Amount: $41,482.61

To: HDR Engineering Inc.

For: Payment for the WRA combined sewer solids separation facility project ($660,585.80 still outstanding).


Amount: $3,584.70

To: Howard R. Green

For: Payment for the 2011 system-wide local flood protection project ($35,024.83 remains outstanding).


salary 101013Salaries and Such

Name: Chad Arnold

Title: Ag Specialist III

Department: Iowa State University Department of Agronomy

Annual salary: $51,000



The Des Moines City Council recently approved assistant city manager Kandi Reindl to travel to Boston, Mass., from Sept. 21-25, to attend the 2013 International City/County Management Asscoation (ICMA) Conference at an expense of $2,355 to local taxpayers. CV

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