Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Polk County


Amount: $215

To: Ardick Equipment Company Inc.

For: Purchase of an amber magnetic strobe light bar.


Amount: $200

Ames Chamber

To: Detective Kurt Bender of the Des Moines Police Department

For: Transportation costs for RapidShuttle, of Rapid City, S.D., to the Rapid City Regional Airport for the State vs. Haley Bass case on Aug. 7 and 8.


Amount: $226

To: Black Box Resale Services (Minnesota)

For: Purchase of two covers, two swivel carry cases and 100 faceplates.


Amount: $1,911

To: Bob Lenc Landscaping Inc. and Lawncare

For: Payment for services including the purchase of plant materials and one hour of labor to install at $770 per hour on one project and $660 per hour on a second project that involved top soil work, seeding and laying down straw.


Amount: $2,703.01

To: C.H. McGuiness Co. Inc.

For: Payment for repair services and materials replacing four staybolts in each of the two Burnham boilers at the jail.


Amount: $1,127.10

To: CDW Government Inc. (Illinois)

For: Purchase of an Infocus projector ($946.71) and a Garmin GPS USB sensor ($169.98), including a $10.41 shipping fee.


Amount: $6,537.44

To: Central Salt (Illinois)

For: Purchase of more than 100 tons of bulk de-icing salt.


Amount: $21,856.55

To: Choice Yield (California)

For: Purchase of applesauce, diced apples and pineapple tidbits for the jail.


Amount: $8,006

To: Collette Vacations

For: Payment for people to take an Irish Splendor trip to Pawtucket, Ireland, through Senior Services.


Amount: $4,960

To: Gatso USA (Ohio)

For: Payment for 155 automated traffic enforcement citations at $32 a piece.


Amount: $290.98

To: Pam Giles

For: Reimbursement payment for mileage and meals during the county archivist’s workshop at the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation studies.


Amount: $2,015.35

To: Iowa Sun Control Inc.

For: Payment for services applying tint to the interior windows in the lobby at 1900 Carpenter, including a $320 shipping and trip charge.


Salary 100313Salaries and Such

Name: Eric Abbot

Title: Professor

Department: Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication

Annual salary: $91,002



The Des Moines City Council recently approved council member Christine Hensley to travel to Dubuque from Sept. 24-28 to attend the Iowa League of Cities Annual Conference and Exhibit 2013, which comes at an expense of $744.20 to local taxpayers. CV

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