Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… West Des Moines


Amount: $2,383.82

To: Midwest Tap LLC (Ohio)

For: Purchase of DVDs for the library.


Amount: $800

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: Memorial Services of Iowa Inc.

For: Payment for two memorial services — a grave opening and closing — performed on July 19 and Aug. 8 ($350 for an urn and $450 for a traditional burial respectively).


Amount: $968.81

To: Mister Car Wash

For: Purchase of 100 vehicle services, each involving a full-service exterior wash and dry, T3 conditioner, interior vacuum and cleaning for the Public Works Department.


Amount: $5,600

To: Moyson Resources

For: Training fees for a front-end loader seminar for the Public Works Department.


Amount: $309,176.15

To: Murphy Tractor and Equipment Co.

For: Purchase of a John Deere motor grader ($304,350), plus other equipment rental fees.


Amount: $8,400

To: Turnbull’s Tree Service LLC

For: Payment for emergency tree removal services at Walnut Woods Drive, Center Street and Peony Park plus tree trimming work in parks and other services as per spring contract.


Amount: $883.07

To: T and T Sprinkler Service Inc.

For: Payment for annual irrigation maintenance for the Raccoon River Park Softball Complex as per contractual agreement.


Amount: $325

To: Billy Taylor

For: Meal advance for Officer Billy Taylor to attend the Basic Crime Prevention Certification Seminar from Sept. 30-Oct. 11 in Louisville, Ky.


Amount: $252.32

To: Demco Inc. (Wisconsin)

For: Purchase of Monaco hang-up bags for the library (at $7.54 each and including an 18 percent discount), plus $5 for shipping.


Amount: $4,912.84

To: Des Moines Register Media

For: Purchase of advertising seeking contract bids and recruitments for scorekeepers and a snowplow operator.


Amount: $1,534.48

To: Galt House Hotel (Kentucky)

For: Cost of lodging and parking for Officers Jeff Hartshorn and Billy Taylor during the Basic Crime Prevention Certification Seminar, Sept. 30-Oct. 11 (12 nights).


Amount: $1,250

To: Greater Des Moines Partnership

For: Cost of city employees Steve Gaer, Russ Trimble, Kevin Trevillyan, Jim Sandager, Ted Ohmart, John Mickelson, Jody Smith and Greg Sparks ($125 each) to attend the The Greater Des Moines Partnership’s 2014 Annual Dinner on Jan. 20 from 5-9 p.m. at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center at Veterans Memorial Auditorium.


Salary 092613Salaries and Such

Name: Tom J. Baas

Title: Professor of Animal Science

Department: Iowa State University

Annual salary: $102,265



The Des Moines City Council recently approved sewer administrator/assistant public works director Jeff May and user support technician Kimberly Piper to travel to Kansas City, Mo., from Sept. 8-11, to attend the Lucity Annual Conference and Training. The conference promises to provide additional training for Lucity Software, the software used by the city’s Sewer Enterprise Systems. The travel expense comes at a cost of $1,847 for May and $1,797.40 for Piper to local taxpayers. CV

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