Friday, February 23, 2018

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines


Amount: $75

To: Polk County Medical Examiner

For: Fee for having a blood sample drawn from a 20-year-old Urbandale resident who Des Moines police officer Brian Cuppy suspected may have been operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol at 1:55 a.m. on Aug. 10 at Methodist Hopsital.


Amount: $1,570


To: Gatso

For: Payment for 24 traffic enforcement camera violations in August as per contractual agreement.


Amount: $2,978.46

To: Carpenter Uniform Co.

For: Purchase of uniforms and accessories for the fire department.


Amount: $169,832.69

To: ABM Parking Services

For: Reimbursement payments for May’s collection from downtown parking areas and a park-and-ride location at Seventh and Center streets.


Amount: $1,104

To: KFL Inc.

For: Payment for services boarding up a house and attached garage at 3229 E. Ovid Ave.


Amount: $1,532.16

To: AGR Funding Inc (New Jersey)

For: Payment for temporary labor via PeopleWorks Staffing of three landscaping workers each at $13.64 per hour.


Amount: $450

To: Corinthian Baptist Church

For: Rental fee for the Fellowship Hall for the Holiday Toy Distribution program in December.


Amount: $411

To: Excel Mechanical Co. Inc.

For: Payment for services moving the thermostat in the skywalk at Fifth Street and Keo Way, including two hours of labor at $92 per hour, a $20 trip charge and $23 in materials.


Amount: $250

To: Greenwood’s Sewer Service

For: Payment for services televising a two-inch PVC irrigation from where it was dug up and exposed by the control valve on the south side of Court Avenue to locate and fix a broken pipe for the Riverfront Walk project.


Amount: $1,645.31

To: Illowa Communications

For: Fees to rent the tower for a month ($1,265.31) and utilities ($300) as well as control system access ($300).


Amount: $235.67

To: Pro Boxing Supplies (California)

For: Purchase of two removal uppercut donuts at $74.99 a piece plus an $85.69 freight charge for John Saunders of Windsor Heights to be used by the Eastside Boxing Club.


Salary9.19Salaries and Such

Name: Dong U. Ahn

Title: Professor of Animal Science, poultry products technology

Department: Iowa State University

Annual salary: $86,672



The Des Moines city council recently approved GIS manager Anna Whipple to travel to Providence, R.I., from Sept. 15-19, to attend the URISA GIS Pro Conference to accept for the City an Exemplary Systems in Government Award and give a presentation on the use of GIS for snow operations. This award recognizes the achievements of information technology, public works and the City Clerk’s office to create a GIS tool for both staff and the public to use to understand the snow removal ordinance in effect for their homes, businesss or places of interest. This travel expense costs $1,438.68 to local taxpayers. CV

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