Friday, August 12, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… West Des Moines


Amount: $10,265.54

To: Acco Limited Corp.

For: Purchase of chemicals and testing equipment for Valley View Aquatics and Holiday Pool through the Parks and Rec. Department.


Amount: $151.50

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: Action Accents

For: Purchase of two red bikinis ($47.25 each) and two pairs of swim trunks ($28.50 each) for lifeguards at Holiday and Valley View pools.


Amount: $240

To: Allen Henderson and Associations

For: Payment for services preparing a structural plan review of the Tasty Tacos at 6326 Mills Civic Parkway (two hours of work at $120 per hour).


Amount: $121.94

To: American Express (Los Angeles, Calif.)

For: Payment for purchases made to supply the Health and Wellness Fair with prizes such as towels, lunch packs, golf balls, a cooler and a barbecue set purchased at Costco Wholesale.


Amount: $7,315.48

To: Ahlers and Cooney

For: Payment for legal services rendered for the Westown Parkway Urban Renewal Plan.


Amount: $1,000

To: Dan Belt

For: Stipend payment for creating the “Runners” sculpture to be part of Art on the Campus exhibit.


Amount: $600

To: Bennett’s Tree Service Inc.

For: Payment for services removing three Ash trees and one Crab Apple tree to make way for the recreational trail along Ashworth to be extended (east of 60th Street).


Amount: $1,707.70

To: Bonnie’s Barricades

For: Payment for services routing Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa attendees including emergency repairs ($1,305), four flaggers (two men at $11.75 per hour for 10 hours each) as well as barricade rentals, deliveries and pick-ups.


Amount: $910.56

To: Brockway Mechanical and Roofing

For: Payment for services installing a sealed pipe boot and fixing a leaky roof drain at Fire Station 22 (11 hours of labor at $48 per hour).


Amount: $2,369.68

To: Cultural Intrigue (Battleboro, Vt.)

For: Purchase of 1,000 paper Illumifest lanterns and LED bulbs, including $69.68 in freight fees.


SalarySalaries and Such

Name: Adrien Katherine Wing

Title: Bessie Dutton Murray Professor

Department: University of Iowa College of Law

Years of service: Since 1987

Annual salary: $310,936.48



The Des Moines City Council recently approved sewer administrator/assistant public works director, Jeff May, to travel to Chicago, Ill., from Aug. 25 – 28 to attend the 2013 American Public Works Association International Public Works Congress and Exposition. The meeting promises to provide more than 125 technical and professional development sessions, access to exhibitors that will showcase the latest products, services and technologies specific to public works and opportunities to network with peers. The cost to local taxpayers for this travel expense is $2,544. CV

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