Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Paid for by taxpayers in… Polk County


Amount: $1,070.91

To: Barco Municipal Products Inc. (Ottawa, Kan.)

For: Purchase of 24 angle iron-leg barricades at about $40 each and $112.35 in shipping fees for the Highway Department.


Amount: $671.50

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: Central Iowa Hospital Corp.

For: Payment for services conducting 39 on-site hearing tests at $17 each, with otoscopic exams and a full report for the Public Works employees on May 1, including $8.50 in mileage reimbursement.


Amount: $2,065

To: Central Iowa Hospital Corp.

For: Payment for services conducting 59 HeartReach Mobile Lab screening measuring heart rates at Polk County Senior Services on May 15 ($35 per test).


Amount: $1,279.26

To: Cook’s Correctional (Chicago, Ill.)

For: Purchase of kitchen supplies for the Polk County Jail, including two spring-action Whips by Best Manufacturing ($149.99 each), six Vollrath Dishers (at $15.99 each), two Bunn coffee filters ($14.49 each), plus other items such as knives ($27.99 each), can openers ($131.99 each), four-quart pitchers ($16.79 each), squeegees ($27.79 each), a $121.29 mop and $88 in shipping and handling.


Amount: $473.62

To: Fareway Grocery Store

For: Purchase of caramels, candy, mint patties, Jello and other food items for the volunteer breakfast at the Altoona congregate meal site on April 18 through the Senior Services Administration ($25.46), other food and drink items for senior parties ($112.80) and a volunteer breakfast in Altoona ($121.60).


Amount: $865.95

To: Jeffrey G. Foster

For: Payment for workers’ compensation disability claim.


Amount: $17,101.46

To: Insight Public Sector (Dallas, Texas)

For: Payment for contracted software including $13,200 for 11 units of Microsoft Windows Azure, each with a one-month subscription, plus technical support ($3,600).


Amount: $127,893.20

To: Integraph Corp. (Chicago, Ill.)

For: Payment for information technology equipment maintenance as well as other repairs and maintenance at the jail.


Amount: $1,374.14

To: International City/County Management Association

For: Payment for 2013 membership dues for County Administrator David A. Jones.


Amount: $1,145.44

To: Iowa Prison Industry

For: Purchase of street, railroad crossing and speed limit and advisory signs for the county engineer’s office.


Salary 062013Salaries and Such

Name: Maya Steinitz

Title: Associate professor of law

Department: University of Iowa College of Law

Years of service: Since fall of 2011

Annual salary: $164,101.64



The Des Moines City Council recently approved economic development coordinator Erin Olson to travel to Denver, Colo., from June 19-23, to attend a conference sponsored by the American Institute of Architects. The conference is said to provide training sessions and tours, offer opportunities to observe and learn about examples of urban retail, transit and associated development/redevelopment, urban infill and mixed use residential districts and public art. This comes at a $2,339 cost to local tax payers. CV

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