Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… City of Des Moines


Amount: $631

To: Bankers Trust Company

For: Network engineer job posting on careerbuilder.com ($419) and Monster ($212).


Amount: $67.47

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: Hy-Vee

For: The purchase of refreshments for Coffee and Conversation programs, plus dish soap and snacks for teen programming at Forest Avenue Library.


Amount: $883.75

To: Voorhees Taekwondo Inc.

For: Payment for taekwondo instruction services provided at Pioneer Columbus Community Center and Four Mile Community Center.


Amount: $761.90

To: Adventure Diving Inc.

For: Payment for dive team suit repairs due to age and tearing.


Amount: $655

To: Bevel, Gardner and Associates (Edmond, Okla.)

For: Course registration fees paid for the class “Practical Crime Scene Processing and Investigation” slated for May 20 – 24 for the police department.


Amount: $622.63

To: Carpenter Uniform and Promotional Products

For: Purchase of Community Ambassador blue polo shirts.


Amount: $23,001

To: Gatso (Beverly, Maine)

For: Fees for processing the red light and speed camera citations — more than 60 days old.


Amount: $361.69

To: Hallett Materials (Chicago, Ill.)

For: Purchase of ice control sand for Parks and Rec.


Amount: $146.10

To: In The Bag

For: Lunch for noon work session on Public Spaces objective and another meeting with a developer.


Amount: $99.95

To: Richard Lefleur

For: Purchase of a hands-free Bluetooth headset.



salary 041813Salaries and Such

Name: William G. Buss

Title: O.K. Patton Professor Emeritus

Department: University of Iowa College of Law

Years of service: 46

Annual salary:  $2,000 (travel) — Prof. Buss is currently devoting all of his work to researching and writing about the American influence on the Australian Constitution, as he thinks it is important for Americans and Australians to know how deep and wide that influence was on the Australians who wrote their Constitution and the similarities between the two constitutions.



The Des Moines City Council recently approved Capt. Michael Steverson, to travel to Boston, Mass., from June 8 – 28, to attend training sponsored by the Senior Management Institute for Police. The training provides classes in management theory, policy development, planning processes and organizational structure. This travel expense comes with a $9,345 price tag to local taxpayers. CV

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