Saturday, August 20, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… City of Des Moines


Amount: $151.76

To: Sam’s Club

For: Purchase of 110 pairs of black socks and one 170-ounce bottle of Febreze for the fire department.


Amount: $171,280

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: MidAmerica Energy

For: Payment for 383 heating customers and 28 electricity customers through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) offered by the Community Services Division.


Amount: $990

To: Children and Families of Iowa

For: Payment in support of Kidsfest 2013 in the form of two 10-by-10 both spaces at $495 each. The event is scheduled for March 1-3.


Amount: $1,240.45

To: City of Cedar Rapids

For: Reimbursement for six Cedar Rapids police officers for meals and mileage expenses while attending the 2012 Specialty Team Integration Training in Des Moines in December.


Amount: $10,000

To: Ronald B. Davis and Robert Felice

For: Settlement payment of two property damage claims filed on Aug. 30 after neighbors Davis and Felice said they had informed Public Works about a collapsed corrurgated sewer pipe that caused sinkholes near their properties on Southeast Seventh Street. They said the City failed to address the problem until 13 months later, which caused overlanding flooding on six different occasions, damaging their yards, garages, sheds and finished basements, respectively. They each were granted a $5,000 settlement, as the Public Works Department admitted the repairs were not made in a timely fashion.


Amount: $5,670

To: Evanced Solutions Inc. (Indianapolis, Ind.)

For: Payment for the annual subscription renewal of Events and Room Reserve software at $2,782.50, respectively, and including a $105 online payment fee, for the period of Feb. 1, 2012 to Jan. 31, 2014.


Amount: $215.22

To: Hy-Vee

For: Purchase of pizza, snacks, beverages, Halloween candy, dry ice and other refreshements for the city libraries’ events and parties.


Amount: $5,643

To: MVP Fence

For: Payment for repairing the fencing at the city softball complex.


Amount: $10,000

To: Tree Des Moines Inc.

For: Payment for consultation and coordination services for an Urban Forestry Workshop for the Public Works Forestry Division.


Amount: $1,328.25

To: Voorhees Taekwondo Inc.

For: Payment for Taekwondo instruction classes offered through the Parks and Rec. Department.


Salaries and Such

Salary 011013Name: Steven D. Johns

Title: Principal

Department: Des Moines East High School

Years served: 1

Annual salary: $124,263



Des Moines City Council recently approved Traffic Facilities Administrator Michael Berry, to travel to Chicago, Ill., from March 10 – 13, to attend the Parking Industry Exhibition conference. The conference is said to provide an opportunity to gain information on parking technologies including automation of permits, operator selection, public/private partnerships, parking policies, marketing parking in off-hours and politics of free parking. This trip comes at a cost of $1,400 to local taxpayers. CV

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