Friday, August 12, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…Des Moines Public Schools


Amount: $550


For: Payment for DJ services for the North High School homecoming festivities.


Amount: $193,895

To: Academy Roofing and Sheet

For: Services to remove a deteriorated roof.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa


Amount: $14,263.67

To: All American Sports Corp.

For: Purchase of equipment, jerseys and belts for football.


Amount: $1,317.62

To: All American Sports Corp.

For: Purchase of a REVO Speed Helmet ($54.17 for shipping costs).


Amount: $103.88

To: All American Sports Corp.

For: Purchase of boys’ shorts for the Lincoln High School Cheerleading Squad.


Amount: $524.75

To: American Awards Inc.

For: Purchase of East High and positive behavior plaques.


Amount: $1,802.72

To: American Legacy

For: Payment for a Findley Weekly newspaper subscription.


Amount: $37,783

To: Apple Computer Inc.

For: Purchase of 10 iPad 2s, all featuring Wi-Fi and text personalization and two with 4G, as well as two iMac Intel Core 17 computers.


Amount: $1,550

To: BC Productions

For: Payment for Lincoln High School homecoming dance.


Amount: $198.23

To: Broken Arrow Custom

For: Purchase of student council T-shirts.


Amount: $95.60

To: Data Management Inc.

For: Purchase of florescent yellow visitor passes.


Amount: $121

To: Des Moines Rental Sales

For: Cost of renting a dunk tank for East High School.


Salaries and Such

Name: Steven Leath

Title: President

Department:  Iowa State University

Years served: Since January 2012

Annual salary: $448,800



The Des Moines City Council recently approved City Attorney Jeffrey Lester and Deputy City Attorney Kathleen Vanderpool to travel to Austin, Texas, from Oct. 20 – 24 to attend the International Municipal Lawyers Association Annual Conference. The conference includes sessions on various topics including land use, municipal finance, tax increment financing, redistricting and personnel/employment litigation. For both to make the trip, it will cost the city a total of $4,400. CV

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