Saturday, September 19, 2020

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“Tired of his small pool, Joe decides to add two feet to it.”
Dennis Moore



“Wish I had worn socks while trudging around making sales calls.”
John Gray

“This is how you work from home, and you can have pets that don’t bark during meetings!”
Brian Burke

“Mark’s staycation was pretty simple indeed.”
Jim McCool










  1. Skip had just shouted, “I guarantee the throttle won’t stick if I just gahhh “

  2. OK George, plug it in. If this works I’ll be the first woman on Mars.

  3. Reception’s great, but the color seems a little off.

  4. “What the…? ‘Cut out the middleman–get your Easter eggs directly from the hen!'”

  5. What makes you think I know where the other two bears are or Somebody stole my honey

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