Friday, December 13, 2019

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“Mary learned early in life to eat a balanced diet, balance the bowl between your knees, balance the cheesy treats equally in each hand, balance the spills and fallout symmetrically.”
Mark Alvord



“Cheetos…. Either you love them, or you really love them.”
James Arthur

“Maggie’s exercise routine includes a ton of curls each day, followed by stomach lunges.”
Steve B.

“Nothing says delicious like corn meal, salt, sugar, yeast, ferrous sulfate, MSG, red dye #40, and yellow dye #6.”
Mary Wedewer

“Marissa was not prepared for the squirrel swarm that appeared right after this photo. For some reason, they were fond of the crumbs.”
Jim McCool










  1. Skip had just shouted, “I guarantee the throttle won’t stick if I just gahhh “

  2. OK George, plug it in. If this works I’ll be the first woman on Mars.

  3. Reception’s great, but the color seems a little off.

  4. “What the…? ‘Cut out the middleman–get your Easter eggs directly from the hen!'”

  5. What makes you think I know where the other two bears are or Somebody stole my honey

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