Friday, January 18, 2019

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“Proof that you are what you eat, Santa’s tongue has turned into a cookie.”
Mark Alvord




“Santa takes time for a selfie during a play date with Cookie Monster.”
Scott Howell

“Introducing the Santa cookie dispenser. “
Kelly Garoutte

“How else do you think Santa eats his cookies when his hands are full of toys?”
Jim McCool

“The ‘claus’ in Santa’s contract specifically stated that he receive a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie from every home he visited.”
Todd Behrends











  1. Skip had just shouted, “I guarantee the throttle won’t stick if I just gahhh “

  2. OK George, plug it in. If this works I’ll be the first woman on Mars.

  3. Reception’s great, but the color seems a little off.

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