Friday, September 4, 2015


Answers to Belly Up Quiz


1. Black Crown

2. Cumming Tap

3. Joker’s

4. Maddy’s Again

5. Cooper’s on Fifth

Trans IowaFleet FeetDM Art Center

6. Sambetti’s

7. Doc’s Lounge

8. Brecks

9. 515 Brewing Co.

10. Snus Hill Winery

11. T.R.’s Sports Bar

12. Booneville Bar

13. Sully’s Irish Pub

4. The Pointe

15. Phil’s Bar and Grill

16. Stevie C’s

17. Cans Bar and Grill

18. Johnny’s Hall of Fame

19. University Tap

20. Fine Spirits Festival or the Bartender’s Ball

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