Monday, May 17, 2021

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The origin of Brooke Eden’s ‘Money’



Brooke Eden has, over the past few years, written or co-written more than 100 songs. So it is somewhat ironic that her first big shot at mainstream success is likely to come from a song she did not have a direct hand in creating.

The song is “Daddy’s Money,” the hard-driving single Eden released in December of last year, with a chorus whose “I ain’t never had daddy’s money” chant reflects her own upbringing. Brooke Eden Single Image - by Joseph Llanes - HI RESEden’s father works as a carpenter by day, moonlighting as a drummer in a country band. Though his daughter supplied her own talent, the elder Eden showed her the importance of hard work, making your own way, and following your passions. These were lessons Eden took to heart when she moved to Nashville after graduating from college.

“He showed me how important it is to follow your dreams,” Eden said in a phone interview. “He has always worked hard for his family and found the time for music. He kind of showed me the importance of both of those things, and it has helped me stay focused on my career.”

While living in Nashville, Eden was making trips back to her Florida hometown every weekend to play shows because, as she put it, “You don’t really get paid to sing in Nashville.” It was a conversation with her Nashville roommate, Kallie North, about those trips back home to play that prompted North and Jessy Wilson to pen the song that became “Daddy’s Money.” And while the song did not come from her own pen, Eden said that it was still an easy step to make the song her own.

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“When I’m writing a song, it often sounds very different on day one then it does two weeks later,” she explained. “You spend so much time finding where the words fit in the melody, and moving ideas around, it’s really a constant thing. When someone else writes a song for you, you’re given this fully fledged idea, so you spend less time on that end of things. Since this song comes from my life, that made it easier to relate to. But, ultimately, if you connect with a song, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. It just feels right.”

“Daddy’s Money” is the lead single off Eden’s first EP on the Red Bow Records label, slated for release later this summer. Eden released an independent debut EP in 2014 and says the differences are night and day.

“When you’ve got a label behind you, there are so many things you don’t have to worry as much about,” she said. “Studio time is taken care of, printing costs are taken care of. They’re just so supportive, it makes it that much easier to get into the studio and just focus on making the music.”

After the EP drops, Red Bow expects to follow up with a full-length album toward the end of the year. For that, Eden is dipping into those 100 songs in her binder and going through the process of finding the ones with the right fit.

If “Daddy’s Money” winds up being the track that launches Eden’s career to a new level, it will be especially meaningful for her, because even if she did not write it, she has most certainly lived it.

“My dad worked so hard when I was growing up,” she said. “I always asked him, ‘Daddy, can we please move to Nashville? I want to be a singer.’ He said, ‘Honey, we don’t have the money to move, but I promise you that I’ll give you all the tools so that when you’re ready to move, you’ll be able to do it on your own.’ And he did.” CV

Brooke Eden plays Wooly’s on Thursday, July 7 at 7:30 p.m.


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