Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Domesticated pets move to top of food chain


There is a lot going on in the restaurant world.

The last month was a time of astonishing consequences for third-millennium Americans. After some 12,000 years of invention, ingenuity and hand-to-hand combat to reach the top of the food chain, green zealots shamed enough people into abdicating that top dog status. From a summer’s look at pet food advertising, our domesticated animals are apt to secede us. CRAVE and Blue Buffalo led meat-based pet food advertisers in campaigns to save the psyches of your dog and cats from grain diets that stifle their natural instincts.

At the same time, Burger King went all in on an ad campaign to ween humans off meat with their Impossible Burger, which they claim tastes like hamburger. Well, there have been serious, Darwin-Award-type consequences, even right here in River City. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that pig ear dog treats infected 23 Iowa humans with salmonella in the past year — more than in any other state. The CDC and Food and Drug Administration updated an ongoing alert that consumers should avoid dog treats made of smoked pig. Pig ears are linked to a multidrug-resistant salmonella outbreak in 35 states.

In total, the CDC said 143 people infected with the outbreaking strains of salmonella have been reported this year. Of 110 patients for whom further information was available, 30 percent had been hospitalized and 20 percent involved children younger than 5. I have been warned since I was 5 not to eat dog or cat food because it causes intestinal problems in humans. I am pretty sure I have been warned not to feed it to 5-year-olds, too. But maybe those 5-year-olds have similar natural instincts as our pet dogs and cats. Besides, tofu is an acquired taste.
Locally, there was a lot going on in the restaurant world.


La Cuscatleca Pupuseria and Restaurant closed its location on Des Moines’ east side but planned to reopen in the former location of Café Fuzion. Meanwhile, Café Fuzion will relocate any day now to Ingersoll Avenue in the former Kwong Tung/Krunkwich… After closing their location on East Hubbell Avenue, the El Salvadorian La Cuscatleca moved to 1240 E. 14th St., the previous location of Café Fuzion… Guadalajara Restaurant of Ankeny opened a second store, in Altoona… Mama Mia’s closed their store on Southwest Ninth Street and planned to open in the Equitable Building… David Wheelock sold Hickory Park to a West Des Moines investment company… Fuddruckers closed in Jordan Creek. Texas Roadhouse made a bid on the property… Reed’s Hollow closed in Beaverdale… The Sara Lee Outlet Bakery closed at Merle Hay and Urbandale after a decade… Proof reopened without Sean Wilson. Proteges Jared Giunta, Megan Snyder, Jaydon Hernandez, and Diego Rodriguez are the new keepers of the grail. Mamma’s opened in the former Luigi’s on Southeast 14th Street with deep-fried flour tortilla tacos.



Clyde’s Fine Diner, the newest East Village restaurant, is set to open in early October bringing a modern twist to traditional favorites. The 2,500-square-foot space will open in the new 111 East Grand next to DreiBerge Coffee. Owner and chef Chris Hoffman claimed this would be far upscale from a greasy spoon diner… St. Kilda Cafe & Bakery planned to open on Fifth Street in Valley Junction… Nosh Cafe & Eatery opened on East Locust Street. Veronica Tessler and Lesley Rish are owners who plan on an all-day operation that finally makes people forget the old Nosh on First in West Des Moines… Jacob Demars (Marlene’s and Dish) and Kathleen McGuire opened RI restaurant in the former Baru66 venue in Windsor Heights. ♦

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