Thursday, March 4, 2021

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Posted December 02, 2020in Your Neighbors

The Duncan house

No one named Duncan has lived there in nearly three decades, but neighbors still refer to Jenifer Owenson’s 83-year-old Waterbury abode as “The Duncan House.” The home was built by [...]

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Posted November 04, 2020in Your Neighbors

2 poems by 2 local poets win 2 awards

Shelly Reed Thieman penned her first poetry verses for a fifth-grade Haiku contest. She won. The self-described “young and snappy grandmother of three girls” recently won another poetry competition. This [...]

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Posted August 05, 2020in Your Neighbors

SCAD sisters

As she pulled and pushed and worked the lawnmower through the rougher-than-usual grass, Johanna Hayes felt her chest tighten and her heart race. She should have been hot, but instead [...]

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Posted February 05, 2020in Your Neighbors

37 mismatched napkin rings

And other Terrace Hill treasures “I taught for 45 years,” says Patrick Phillips-Schrock. As his official retirement date zoomed ever closer, he remembers wondering what was next. “This was my [...]

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Posted January 01, 2020in Your Neighbors

Killing orcs while complaining about your boss and warping around the galaxy

Local Dungeon Master Paul Privitera works to build the popularity of polyhedral dice in central Iowa. Maybe you pretend that Earth’s oceans have flooded, the ice caps have melted, the [...]

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Posted November 06, 2019in Your Neighbors


Local pro wrestling referee offers insight from inside the ring. “What’s it like being a referee in a sport with absolutely no rules?” Comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s question seems like a [...]

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Posted September 04, 2019in Your Neighbors

Painting a picture with yarn

Joyce O’Brien’s fiber art has been displayed in the offices of Gov. Terry Branstad, U.S. Congressman David Young and State Senator Jack Whitver. “I made it up,” says Joyce O’Brien. [...]

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Posted June 05, 2019in Your Neighbors

148 medals and counting

When Frank Perez hears footsteps, the 76-year-old can still shift into another gear. Thump, thump, thump. “I heard these footsteps,” says 76-year old Frank Perez, as he remembers his best [...]

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Posted May 01, 2019in Your Neighbors

Not exactly a quick project

Dave Baker is working on the first of five photography books highlighting Iowa. There is nothing to do in Iowa. You have likely heard it before. But Dave Baker wouldn’t [...]

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Posted April 03, 2019in Your Neighbors

Twice retired

U.S. Army Reserves welcomes new ambassador. Dale Andres retired in 1995 after spending nearly a quarter of a century serving in the U.S. Army and Army Reserve where he attained [...]

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