Sunday, June 20, 2021

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Posted June 15, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Governor is correct: More transparency needed

Gov. Kim Reynolds talked last week about the importance of government leaders keeping other government officials looped in as decisions are made and events unfold. The governor was more correct [...]

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Posted June 07, 2021in Stray Thoughts

U.S. should not treat our friends this way

Too often these days, Americans and our government seem to be incapable of agreeing on what the best course of action is, regardless of the issue. This is especially true when [...]

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Posted June 01, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Americans deserve answers, not more politics

Plenty of stray thoughts have been swirling through my noggin lately. Thoughts like: What would Americans and members of Congress think today if the federal government decided against creating the [...]

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Posted May 25, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Lawmakers dropped the ball in not fixing recount law

The chambers of the Iowa Senate and the Iowa House of Representatives are silent after a busy 2021 session.   Lawmakers teed up bills that addressed a wide assortment of [...]

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Posted May 10, 2021in Stray Thoughts

The population problem Iowa should discuss

Through the years, the Iowa Legislature is the place where Iowans gather to debate the biggest issues and challenges facing our state. It has been this way for 175 years.  [...]

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Posted May 05, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Iowans deserve a governor, not a ruler

The Iowa Supreme Court chamber is a magnificent venue for the seven justices who referee the thorniest legal questions in our state. The courtroom seats a few dozen spectators. Last [...]

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Posted May 03, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Government needs room for common sense

People like to talk about what the law says. And in Iowa, the law has a lot to say. Just look at the Iowa Code. It now fills eight volumes [...]

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Posted April 20, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Charter schools must have sunshine, too

The 2021 session of the Iowa Legislature will end in a few weeks, and one big issue moving toward a final vote would make charter schools easier to create as [...]

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Posted April 12, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Where oh where are today’s Bob Rays?

It’s hard for those of us of a certain vintage to realize it has been 39 years since Robert Ray was Iowa’s governor. In spite of the passage of so [...]

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Posted April 06, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Blunt Boehner blisters Republicans in Congress

It’s time for a confession. I have misjudged John Boehner. Oh, I knew he might speak candidly. Or, more precisely, I knew he could be extremely blunt. But where I [...]

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