Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Posted November 15, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Much to marvel at in the human spirit

You have to marvel at the capacity of the human spirit — especially the ability of people who remain optimistic and upbeat in the face of challenges most of us [...]

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Posted October 25, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Public must be informed in doctor discipline

The Iowa Legislature’s “To Do” list should be a little longer after last week. And people need to contact their senators and representatives in the Legislature to make sure they [...]

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Posted October 18, 2021in Stray Thoughts

The wacky extremes with ‘two-sideisms’

The requirements for becoming a teacher were always straightforward: Earn a college degree in education, take enough classes in your area of specialty, practice your teaching skills for a semester [...]

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Posted October 12, 2021in Stray Thoughts

These men have eloquent guidance

Richard Deming, the son of a grain elevator worker and grocery store clerk from small-town South Dakota, is a modest, soft-spoken man. He has spent the majority of his adult [...]

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Posted September 27, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Neither party is immune from ineptitude

Do the folks in politics think we are asleep? Do they really believe no one is paying attention to what politicians are up to?It’s not surprising if you have acid [...]

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Posted September 13, 2021in Stray Thoughts

American spirit is not what it once was

When the anniversary of some tragedy rolls around, we are reminded of what was lost in those events. We reflect on the lives that were taken and the upheaval those [...]

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Posted September 07, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Vigilante justice isn’t the American way

Let’s set aside our views on abortion. Instead, let’s consider one aspect of the new Texas abortion law that took effect last week. All of us should be able to [...]

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Posted August 31, 2021in Stray Thoughts

There’s no escaping the chaos of war

The news out of Afghanistan last week about the terrorist bombing at the airport in Kabul brought fresh heartache — and old memories — to Iowa. A native of Red [...]

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Posted August 23, 2021in Stray Thoughts

More secrecy unwise in schools’ hiring decisions

Iowa’s three state universities made a U-turn this summer, and they now are headed down the road toward secrecy with some hiring decisions. The about-face should trouble taxpayers of this [...]

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Posted August 18, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Iowa’s Amish have some lessons for us

The man who answered the door at a farm house west of Bloomfield one afternoon in the early 1970s was an imposing figure, even without that thick beard on his [...]

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