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Posted March 05, 2014in Sound Stage

Run to you

Labeling Canadian singer/songwriter Bryan Adams a rock n’ roll refugee from the 1980s is akin to saying the Grand Canyon is nothing but a hole in the ground. No, pause and peer past the eye candy. Inside the grandeur there’s more — much more — and to truly appreciate it,

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Posted January 08, 2014in Sound Circuit

Getting real with Des Moines punk

The Real Action is garage-punk played for kicks by guys who grew up when garage-punk was new. It’s a lark. It’s also loud, fast and really fun. Assembled primarily from former members of The Chezwicks and The Strangefellows, The Real Action is an act that’s been a longtime coming. “We

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Posted December 25, 2013in Sound Stage

The making of Moxie

Iowa City-based Velcro Moxie is a five-piece, but most of what the band is about comes from two sources: vocalist Jasmine Terrell and guitarist/vox-man Nick Carney. “(Velcro Moxie) came from (Carney),” Terrell explained in a phone interview. “He used to work on a project called Bloody Dove, and he had

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Posted December 11, 2013in Sound Stage

Controlled chaos

Dan Green has a lot of irons in the fire. Splitting his efforts between performing on stage as SUBliminal Chaos, and acting as the driving force behind Des Moines’ 515 Alive electronic music festival, Green’s always got something to keep him busy. “(I’ve done) 10-plus national shows between here and

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Posted October 30, 2013in Sound Stage

Music in a void

The biggest mistake four-piece Broncho made in its set this past weekend was performing it in Des Moines on a weeknight. The difficulty in getting people to turn out for shows in the capital city on non-traditional bar nights is a subject that’s been covered previously in these very pages.

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Posted October 30, 2013in Sound Stage

Woes of a cyberphobe

Hello, my name is Patrick Boberg, and I suffer from a minor case of cyberphobia. I have developed websites from nothing, built databases and programmed applications. I enter every software beta test that piques my interest, and I relish the opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest

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Posted October 23, 2013in Sound Stage

Poorly dressed

The Vaudeville Mews puts together shows like a 4-year-old picks out its own clothes. Take, for example, last Saturday night: Brooklyn, N.Y., indie four-piece Grooms came through town, and Des Moines indie outfit In Rooms opened up for them. But the issue was the act that took the stage to

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Posted October 16, 2013in Sound Stage

Holy cow

Gas Lamp was a sold-out venue last Saturday for Holy White Hounds’ EP-release show, and all who showed up got their money’s worth. Kicking things off in proper fashion were The New Bodies, a Des Moines rock outfit anchored by Chris Ford, Thomas Logan, Brandon Rushill and Dustin Harmsen, but

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Posted October 09, 2013in Sound Stage

Not as gloomy

The Mews’ late show was kicked off by Patrick Tape Fleming’s Gloom Balloon. I’ve been critical of Gloom Balloon in the past, for reasons that are too complicated to indulge in here. But there were highlights in this evening’s performance. Topmost among them was the live performance of Gloom Balloon’s

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Posted October 02, 2013in Sound Stage

Maximum Music Fest is an Ames showcase

The Maximum Ames Music Festival took place this past Thursday through Sunday, and the event is a testament to the hard work of a small group of people. A group of volunteers, spearheaded by Nate Logsdon and Chris Lyng, established a yearly festival that is one of the largest of

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