Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Posted March 03, 2021in Sound Circuit

Kai Kight

Can music be a metaphor for life? Musician Kai Kight thinks it can. Kight is a classical violinist and composer who uses his music to inspire audiences for self-realization. Kight [...]

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Posted February 03, 2021in Sound Circuit

70 years of music for Gil Davis

A No. 3 hit record on the Billboard music charts. Inductee into the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame. Performance at the Apollo Theater in New York. These are just a [...]

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Posted January 06, 2021in Sound Circuit

Andy Anderson

For musician Andy Anderson, the pandemic temporarily squelched his decade-long gigs with the Dueling Pianos. However the energetic and multi-talented musician and performer focused on recording four albums instead. Anderson [...]

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Posted December 02, 2020in Sound Circuit

Sons of Gladys Kravitz

With nearly 50 years of musical experience and showmanship, the Sons of Gladys Kravitz continue to rock while entertaining a loyal local following. Affectionately known as the “Sons,” the group [...]

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Posted November 04, 2020in Sound Circuit

Paul Micich

With all the varied talents Paul Micich possesses, CITYVIEW could have easily featured his artwork or videography. But for this issue, we’ll focus on his music. Micich is a musician [...]

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Posted September 30, 2020in Sound Circuit

Dustin Farrow

When Dustin Farrow learned to play the guitar, his favorite songs to play in his high school band were by hard metal band Metallica. But that was about to change. [...]

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Posted September 02, 2020in Sound Circuit

Pet Rock lived through the era

1970s smooth rock tribute band to play at Wooly’s on Oct. 24. Remember the sounds of the 1970s? Not the guitar-smashing hard rock, but the soft, flowing, sway-to-the-music melodies that [...]

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Posted August 05, 2020in Sound Circuit

American Dookie

Fans of Green Day music can take a holiday and attend American Dookie: A Tribute to Green Day. American Dookie’s lead singer and guitarist Johnny B. Lentz talked to CITYVIEW [...]

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Posted July 01, 2020in Sound Circuit

Fiddler extraordinaire

When you think of a violinist, you might envision a musician dressed in conservative black attire while expertly bowing her instrument to a Mozart song. Not for Kathryn Fox. Her [...]

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Posted April 01, 2020in Sound Circuit

Theory comes home

For the band Theory (also known as Theory of a Deadman), performing in Des Moines is like coming home. Theory was scheduled to perform at the Val Air Ballroom on [...]

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