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Posted September 30, 2020in People & Pets

Blind and deaf dog

Ray is a playful and seemingly happy puppy with a tail that wags when he is pet. His cold, wet nose sniffs at your ankles. He’ll wrestle with chew toys [...]

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Posted September 02, 2020in People & Pets

Mother and daughter share feline affection

When Mary West’s kids exited the school bus, cats walked to greet them on the long lane. Mary West never considered herself a cat person. Yet, as the mother of [...]

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Posted August 05, 2020in People & Pets

Rescue dog blossoms

Former puppy mill mom just needs love. When Deb Davis was viewing the Iowa Golden Retriever Rescue (IGRR) site online, she noticed a new foster care dog that was looking [...]

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Posted July 01, 2020in People & Pets

299 cats… and counting

Two-hundred-ninety-nine. That’s the number of cats that have lived with Terry and Stephanie Kruse since 2004. Not all at once, thankfully, but most stay for a few weeks until forever [...]

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Posted April 01, 2020in People & Pets

Pet sitter snuggler

When Abby Strong gets up in the morning, she pours herself a cup of coffee, awaiting her morning pick-me-up. It’s not only the caffeine that gives her a jolt, but [...]

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Posted March 04, 2020in People & Pets

Cheerful visitor

Gracie offers a paw of comfort. Gracie, a golden doodle living in Urbandale, loved her job. She accompanied her owner, Mary Hester, on visits to Methodist, Blank and Lutheran hospitals [...]

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Posted February 05, 2020in People & Pets

Gina the chicken lady

It’s not all about the eggs. When Gina Campos’ neighbors moved away from their current Waukee home, they gave Gina a few chickens. The chickens eventually died, and the only [...]

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Posted January 01, 2020in People & Pets

Stray keeper

Youngest Puppy Jake trainer loves animals. If Aundrea Cox could adopt every animal from the shelter or rescue any stray animal, she would. And she’s already got a good start. [...]

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Posted December 04, 2019in People & Pets

Huskies helping heroes

Veteran trains support dogs for other vets. When Jake Hommer returned from his second deployment in Afghanistan, he suffered from PTSD and injuries. It took a toll on his mind, [...]

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Posted November 06, 2019in People & Pets

Homerun equals a new kitten

Girl waits two years for her own pet. For more than two years, Piper Ladwig, 10, yearned for her own cat. With three other pets at home, she wanted one [...]

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