Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Posted November 03, 2021in Lunch With...

Tony Lemmo at Breakfast Club

Restauranteur talks about COVID, family, creative geniuses and a dream house. Tony Lemmo owns Aposto at Café di Scala and is a partner in Gusto, Juniper Moon, El Guapo, Breakfast [...]

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Posted October 06, 2021in Lunch With...

Jeff Chelesvig at Royal Mile

Des Moines Performing Arts president and CEO shares thoughts about his personal background, travel, and COVID impacts to the industry. Jeff Chelesvig is the president and CEO of Des Moines [...]

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Posted September 01, 2021in Lunch With...

Nick Kuhn at The Hall

Unique business plan links a profitable business with a nonprofit. Nick Kuhn is owner of The Hall and founder of The Justice League for Food. The Hall has come out [...]

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Posted August 04, 2021in Lunch With...

Lunch with… Steve Vasquez at Maccabee’s Deli

Blues, glatt and life lessons Steve Vasquez is a corporate chef for Hy-Vee and prominent member of the Iowa Blues Society. We asked him to lunch recently, and he chose [...]

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Posted June 30, 2021in Lunch With...

Susan Watts at St. Kilda Collective

Owner of Olson-Larsen adds new gallery to keep young artists in the area. Susan Watts recently passed her personal 10th anniversary as owner of Olson-Larsen Galleries, which was the galleries’ [...]

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Posted June 02, 2021in Lunch With...

Greg Edwards at Buzzard Billy’s

Catch Des Moines CEO says we have a chance to experience another “Roaring Twenties” decade. Greg Edwards is president and CEO of Catch Des Moines, the organization previously known as the [...]

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Posted May 05, 2021in Lunch With...

Jean Berger at Jethro’s BBQ & Bacon

Jean Berger is the executive director on the Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union, the only sports organization in America dedicated to girls’ sports, plus speech and music competitions. She [...]

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Posted March 31, 2021in Lunch With...

Alex Hall at St. Kilda’s

Alex Hall is a London-born, Melbourne-raised kid who opened five restaurants in New York City before moving to Des Moines. Another five restaurants later, and he is only 47 years [...]

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Posted March 03, 2021in Lunch With...

Joe Logsdon at La Mie

Joe Logsdon is owner of the French-style bakery and café La Mie. He is part of a local restaurant family that also includes his brother Steve (Lucca) and nephew Andy [...]

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Posted February 03, 2021in Lunch With...

Jim Cownie at St. Kilda’s

I met Jim Cownie about 65 years ago on a sandlot baseball field. He was the kid all other kids wanted to be — the best at every sport. I [...]

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