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Posted December 12, 2012in Geek Chic

Apple opens up, shares plans

In unprecedented exclusive interviews with NBC and Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook, who assumed the position last year after the passing of Steve Jobs, revealed details that hint at the [...]

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Posted December 05, 2012in Geek Chic

Set phasers for Star Trek Screening

Last week’s meet-up at Jordan Creek’s Century 20 theater was a great start to what will hopefully be a new tradition. Trekkies, redshirts and Klingons from all over the area [...]

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Posted November 28, 2012in Geek Chic

Beware geeks bearing gifts

Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is over, but there’s still time to buy those gifts. Last week we provided suggestions for gifts to buy a geek. It’s incredibly hard [...]

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Posted November 21, 2012in Geek Chic

Buying that special geek the gadget he or she’s been wanting

It’s that time of the year again, the time of gift-shopping and joy. Buying something for that special someone is usually pretty easy. Most people know enough about their recipient [...]

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Posted November 14, 2012in Geek Chic

Survive disaster with emergency gadgets

Hurricane Sandy caused an unprecedented amount of damage to the New York area, with massive power outages across lower Manhattan, Queens and New Jersey. Storms causing blackouts isn’t new, but [...]

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Posted November 07, 2012in Geek Chic

On the big and small screen

Being a geek doesn’t just mean sharing an interest in technology. Many geeks meet through a shared interest in film. Like literature and music, the cinematic experience is a way [...]

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Posted October 31, 2012in Geek Chic

Indianola gets fastest Internet in Iowa

Let’s get this out of the way: Most people don’t utilize Internet speeds that are available to them. They pay a provider for access, likely through a phone or TV [...]

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Posted October 24, 2012in Geek Chic

Fitness gadgets to get you in shape

Let’s be honest, when it comes to exercise, geeks are rarely the ones hogging up the gym equipment. And it shows. Because our professions and hobbies keep us mostly inside, [...]

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Posted October 10, 2012in Geek Chic

Cash in your gadgets

Excited for the new iPhone 5, but unsure how you’re going to pay for it? Got an older iPhone or other smartphone you’ll be replacing? Maybe another gadget that is [...]

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Posted October 03, 2012in Geek Chic


What is this, 2005? Put away that Bluetooth headset, you’re not impressing anyone. What was once a status symbol of geek chic is now a cliché.                 Headsets are often mocked [...]

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