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Posted March 13, 2013in Geek Chic

Uchek, just add urine

While smartphones are generally designed to help users gather information from the outside world, a new application aims to help monitor one’s health through the scientific process of urine analysis. Now before you’re turned off by the “ick” factor this idea generates, no, you will not be peeing on your

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Posted March 06, 2013in Geek Chic

Is Pheed the new phad?

How many social networks can one person use? Facebook? Of course. Twitter? Sure. Pinterest? Sounds fun. Google Plus? Maybe. Pheed? What now?                 For those not following the trends in social networking, it appears tweens and celebrities are refashioning where it’s cool to share every second of your life. Now, only

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Posted February 06, 2013in Geek Chic

National Day of Hacking

The word “hacking” has received a lot of bad press lately, especially after being portrayed in movies as a criminal act to steal data and commit crimes. However, it’s actually a neutral term that can also be used for good. Boiled down, hacking is just the exercise of taking something

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Posted January 30, 2013in Geek Chic

State taxes accepts Dwolla

Iowa businesses could be in for a lifesaver when it comes to paying state taxes. The State of Iowa recently announced some major changes in its payment procedures, and it involves a tech startup from the very unlikely city of… Des Moines.                 Dwolla, a 3-year-old startup created by Ben Milne

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Posted January 23, 2013in Geek Chic

What made arcades so archaic?

Arcades were once the place where great minds could come together and debate the timeless questions like, “Who would win in a fight between a bikini-clad cheerleader and a horseman with four arms and butterfly wings?”                 The evolution of arcade gaming died with the drastic improvement of home consoles and

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Posted January 16, 2013in Geek Chic

Glimpse future tech at CES

Car enthusiasts have auto shows; geeks have the Consumer Electronics Show. CES is an annual convention held in Las Vegas to showcase vendors, products and services. It’s where the prototypes of future products get revealed, and all the crazy gadgets get seen… and never heard from again. CES 2013 took

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Posted January 09, 2013in Geek Chic

Protect gadgets from loss or theft

The 2012 holiday shopping period meant huge sales for gadgets and technology — phones, tablets, computers — individually costing hundreds of dollars and equating to huge investments for the gift-giver and recipient. Be sure to protect those investments by mitigating the risk of losing them to theft or accident.                 There’s

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Posted January 02, 2013in Geek Chic

Ring in the new year with a new OS

Here’s something that may be more technical than usual, but it’s a way to start the New Year. There are no good statistics, but it’s safe to say that most people will never reinstall their computer’s operating system. If anything, they’ll use it as an excuse to buy a new

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Posted December 26, 2012in Geek Chic

Instagate: Much ado about nothing

The popular photo-sharing website Instagram modified its legal terms of service last week causing insta-outrage across the Internet. Many interpreted it as Instagram allowing itself to “sell” users’ images to third parties, as in, transfer copyright and ownership. This caused so much backlash that the Instagram “export” service, Copygram, was

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Posted December 19, 2012in Geek Chic

Microsoft Surface not touching many consumers

Microsoft’s Surface tablet launched in October with a highly visible ad campaign that definitely reached consumers, due in no small part to being one of Oprah’s “favorite things.” But even with the one single, repeated TV spot and a recognizable name, how’s the Surface actually doing in sales? Turns out

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