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Posted July 13, 2016in Belly Up To...

Ron & Pat’s Brew Haus — ‘nice people’

  The sign above the white gravel parking lot shows two frothy beer steins poised to clink together. The old school, lounge-looking watering hole sits low on the corner of McKinley Avenue and Southwest Ninth Street. From the outside looking in, the place looks quaint. Inside, the floor is carpeted,

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Posted June 22, 2016in Belly Up To...

Della Viti — ‘Froyo’ for adults

    “The building you are in has a great history.” That’s the first line in the narrative that explains what’s happened in this building, which now houses Della Viti, Des Moines’ first self-service wine dispensary. The bar is in the East Village at 425 E. Grand Ave., but the

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Posted April 27, 2016in Belly Up To...

B&G Bar — ‘a good place to relax’

  B&G Bar is an upbeat place where people go to relax. But it isn’t boring, at least not according to bar regulars Haris Zuljevic and Semir Dzankovic. “The craziest thing I’ve ever seen was three bartenders dancing on the bar,” Zuljevic said. European music plays in the background, and

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Posted April 13, 2016in Belly Up To...

Beechwood — a great dive bar without the ‘dive’

  Before the building was the Beechwood Lounge, at various times it was a bank, a federal prison and even an LGBT bar, at least according to longtime bartender Nic Bell. “There used to be a poll and dance stage right here,” Bell motions to the rear area of the

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Posted January 13, 2016in Belly Up To...

Juniper Moon brings elegance to Des Moines

As young men, the owners of Juniper Moon each had a favorite Des Moines restaurant, bar and place to hang out. Now they have their own bar that Des Moines natives can call home, but it’s quite different than any other in Des Moines. Joe McConville, Daniel Smith, Josh Holderness

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Posted August 06, 2014in Belly Up To...

Wellman’s Pub and Rooftop offers the right space for all occasions

Every friend group needs a go-to spot outside of their living space. For the “Friends” crew, it was the Central Perk; for “How I Met Your Mother” it was MacLaren’s Pub. There are four requirements to finding your group’s own special place: the environment needs to allow for conversation (i.e.,

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