Thursday, June 1, 2023

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Posted May 31, 2023in Art News

The melancholy master and his ilk

The Des Moines Art Center’s Print Gallery is an underappreciated gem. Almost every show provides great lessons in history, culture and “there is nothing new under the sun” humility. “Rembrandt [...]

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Posted May 03, 2023in Art News

Chris Vance’s ‘Moderate Restraint’

Chris Vance is Des Moines’ artist. His murals are seen all over town. His paintings are so popular that even before his new show, “Moderate Restraint” at Moberg Gallery, opened, [...]

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Posted April 05, 2023in Art News

In the year 2184, if man is still alive

Tom Jackson is a dazzling, versatile Iowa artist. He has worked in painting, photography and ink brush drawing. His abstraction works tend to become fascinated with geometrics. His realist works [...]

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Posted March 01, 2023in Art News

Swan song as an ode to Iowa

Jeff Fleming is retiring from his directorship at the Des Moines Art Center in late April. That makes the new 75th anniversary exhibition his swan song. Because he came to [...]

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Posted February 01, 2023in Art News

Scott Charles Ross at Moberg Gallery

It’s barely February, but I can’t imagine 2023 will produce a more profound galley show than Scott Charles Ross’ Ukrainian Project at Moberg Gallery. Ross has made a career by [...]

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Posted January 04, 2023in Art News

A True Blue New Year

It’s a very new year for the arts world. The Metropolitan Opera is back after a long shutdown in observance of New York’s COVID dogma and then a system shutdown [...]

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Posted November 30, 2022in Art News

The year ahead

Next year should be big for Des Moines arts institutions. In recent years, the Des Moines Art Center has worked to improve its collection of photography, particularly that of the [...]

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Posted November 02, 2022in Art News

Art and tomato soup, part 2

In October, British green anarchists attacked Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” with cans of tomato soup. Others glued themselves to Van Gogh’s “Peach Trees in Blossom.” Their motivation? “Fuel is unaffordable to [...]

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Posted October 05, 2022in Art News

The other prodigy named Adele

“You can take the girl out of the garden, but you can’t take the garden out of the girl.” – Adele Renault Love her or not, Adele Renault makes people [...]

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Posted August 31, 2022in Art News

Victorian and Romantic ages revisited

Olson Larsen’s main gallery is closed while a new roof is built on the building. But the shows must go on, and the gallery has been innovative. By press time, [...]

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Summer Stir (June 2023)