Friday, May 14, 2021

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Des Moines mourns Jimi Strychnine


Last month the Des Moines music scene lost Jimi Scribner, AKA Jimi Strychnine, after a long battle with cancer. If you ever attended a show at House of Bricks, you saw Jimi. He was the venue’s soundman and head chef. He continued with the latter position when HOB changed to Streetcar 209 in 2014.IMG_0299

Whenever I stopped into House of Bricks, Jimi would pick up a conversation with me like we had just been interrupted by a brief phone call, rather than the months it had been since we had last talked. He was a warm man and easy to like, so it’s not surprising that the music community was quick to host benefits for his medical expenses and poured out stories of experiences with him after his passing. His portrait was even added to the wall of rock legends at Lefty’s.

“It was an honor for me and the rest of Calous to jam a few songs in tribute to our sixth member. It’s been said many times, but I have to say it again. So much love shown for a man that was central to the music scene. He never realized what he meant. I’m glad he got an idea of it before he passed. You’re not only immortalized on the wall at Lefty’s but in all our hearts and minds. Love and miss you, Jimi!” — Joey Corigliano, drummer for Calous.

“We have become better than ourselves because of him. I am humbled beyond words. Let us never forget just how special our little Misfits family is. Thank you to the Scribner family for opening their hearts to all of us and allowing us to show how much Jimi has meant to us. Today my heart is full.” — Erik Brown, co-owner of Lefty’s, singer/keyboardist for The Maw.

“Jimi was a good man. He became like family to me and would defend me to the end. He would call out people — friends or strangers — who said something hateful about anyone. He would get right up in their face and tell them to fuck right off. And the funny thing is, those people who had been saying hateful things, all of a sudden they began changing, too. And then they were right there beside him calling people out on their homophobic, hateful bullshit. And it became this whole domino effect, because Jimi was respected. And because Jimi was a big enough man to learn and change, the whole culture and scene around us changed for the better.

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I’m going to miss my friend. I hope he knew just how much he meant to me and everyone around him.” — Anne Mathey, co-owner of Lefty’s.

“Jimi Scribner, you got a lot of people who love you. Enjoy your rest — you deserve it.” — Haldor Von Hammer, singer for Superchief.

“Long live Jimi Scribner. So many times, there are simply no words. Too many times, there are no words. And once again, there are no words. Thanks, Jimi, for all you’ve done.” — J.C. Wilson, owner Streetcar 209/House of Bricks. ■

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